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null 101 Bible "Contradictions" Answered & Cleared Up!

null 144,000 In Revelation; Who are the 144000?

null Acts 9:7 & Acts 22:9 Do they contradict each other?

null Affirmations? What are they for the Christian?

null Afghanistan; Why the Afghans are NOT Israel!

null Africa; How Africa Underdeveloped Africa!

null America Surrounded; Do You Speak Chinese?

null American Indians; Did whites steal their land?

null Answer to Deuteronomy 23:1-8; The Law Obeyed?

null Antichrist; Who or What is it?

null Apostles; 12 Original; Where Did They Go?

null Arab Civilization? What Arab Civilization?

null Arabia; The Coming Judgment of the Nations!

null Australian Aboriginal History; The Truth!

null BICOG Refutes Bob Thiel about King Of The North!

null BICOG; Are we a CULT?

null BICOG; Are we a CULT? Answered!

null BICOG; Building The British Israel Church Of God!

null BICOG; Church Services? What they are like!

null Babies? Do they go to "Heaven" if they die?

null Babylons, There are Two!

null Baptism in the OLD TESTAMENT!

null Beast Power Chart; Past And Future

null Beast? Is Psalm 83 a Prophecy About the Beast?

null Bible Questions and Answers (various).

null Bible Tale of Goliath; Historical Credence for!

null Bible; Has It Been Preserved?

null Bible; The Skeptics Annotated Bible Refuted!

null Book of Life! Is Your Name in it?

null Born Gay? Is that concept Myth, Fact, or Hoax?

null British Character of Canada

null British Empire and Globalization! A Forum.

null British Empire; Rewriting It's History!

null British Empire; The Sun Never Sets!

null British Empire; The Union of Scotland & Britain

null British Israel Answers Critics

null British Israel Utterly Refuted.. REFUTED!

null British in India? The Thuggees!

null British-Israel Answers Pro-Christmas arguments!

null British-Israel Association; Canadian Website.

null Camel through the eye of a needle? - Meaning!

null Canada's Christian Heritage!

null Canada's Monarchy; The Role of Queen Elizabeth II

null Canada; Dominion of Canada; It's Origins & Future!

null Canada; Muslims in Canada! Disturbing Reality.

null Canada; Terrorism (A good book about it)!

null Carthaginians in the New World?

null Caucasian Self-Hatred; The White race is a cancer!

null Change; How to cope with it!

null Child Rearing; The Plain Truth About

null Christ Virgin Birth? Does Isaiah contradict this?

null Christ! Did He Have Brothers and Sisters?

null Christ's Resurrection on the 7th Day Sabbath!

null Christ; Is He "The End of the law"? Romans 10:4

null Christian Answers; Website!

null Christian; As one what ONE Thing Would YOU Change?

null Christian; Where Are You Going as a Christian?

null Christian? Evidence of one is Hard Work!

null Christianity; Liberals Are Waging War Against It!

null Christopher Columbus; His "Crimes"?

null Church of God History, Part 01

null Church of God History, Part 02

null Church of God History, Part 03

null Church of God History, Part 04

null Church of God History, Part 05

null Church of God History, Part 06

null Church of God History, Part 07

null Church of God History, Part 08

null Church of God History, Part 09

null Church of God History, Part 10

null Church of God History, Part 11

null Church of God History, Part 12

null Church of God vs. The Apostate Church

null Church of God? Where is the True Church of God?

null Colonialism; Two Cheers for it!

null Colossians 2:11-17 Does it do Away God's Law?

null Comforter; Who is it? Jesus or the Holy Spirit?

null Contradictions; Are there Biblical Contradictions?

null Creation & Flood Evidence; Book by Walt Brown!

null Creation or Evolution - Does It Really Matter?

null Creation; What Scientists are NOT telling you!

null Crusades; The Real History!

null Day of Atonement and Your Future, The

null Day of Atonement in God's Great Master Plan.

null Death? Matthew 16:28 Not Taste Death Explanation!

null Desires? God and your desires as a Christian.

null Discrimination; White Males Need Not Apply!

null Do Christians Go to Heaven? Ephesians 2:6?

null Does Hebrews 7:12 do away with God's Law?

null Dr. Laura Silly Questions & REAL Christian Answers!

null Earth; How to Inherit It!

null Easter; Myth, Hallucination, or History?

null Egypt; The Next King of Egypt!

null English History; Our debts to it!

null Ephesians 2:8-10: The True Meaning!

null Europe in Crisis; Riots! Why?

null Europeans Were Slaves; White Slavery!

null Evolution; 8 of Evolution's Achilles' Heels!

null Evolution; Ape & Man, Many Differences!

null Evolution; Junk Science taught in schools!

null Evolution; Mistake On Human Embryology!

null Evolution; Nebraska Man was a HOAX!

null Evolution; Orce Man was a HOAX!

null Evolution; Piltdown Man was a HOAX!

null Evolution; The Debatable Darwinian Theory!

null Evolution; The Eye designed and did not evolve!

null Evolution; The Pagan Origins of Evolution.

null Evolution; The mathematical probability.

null Evolutionists Mistake On Human Embryology

null Eyewitness to Jesus (A good book)!

null Ezekiel's Temple Sacrifices; a Prophetical Enigma?

null Faith? Are You Losing Faith?

null Fasting; Are You Missing Out?

null Feast of Tabernacles; Let it teach you!

null Feast of Trumpets and Your Future, The

null Financial Worries? How to end them NOW!

null Food Laws; Did Jesus & His Apostles Keep them?

null Food Laws? God's Food Laws done away with?

null Food Laws? Were kept Pre-Flood & Post-Flood?

null Fool: Answer a fool or not? Proverbs 26:4-5;

null Forgive Us Our Debts

null Forgiveness Isn't Easy!

null Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

null Garden of Eden; A Presentation on it!

null Genesis 1:12/Genesis 2:5; Do they Contradict?

null Genesis; Who Wrote that Book?

null God Says "No" Sometimes; Why?

null God is LOVE; But He Exterminated the Canaanites?

null God! Where Were You When I Needed You?

null God's Holy Day Calendar, Part 1

null God's Holy Day Calendar, Part 2

null God's Holy Day Calendar, Part 3

null God's Holy Days; Where Did they Come From?

null God's Law Done Away? Philippians 3:4-9

null God's Sacred Calendar; The Biblical Basis

null God's Work; Are YOU doing YOUR part?

null God's Work; How Much Does it Mean to You?

null God's Work; Three Ways you can help!

null God's Work; What can YOU do?

null God; Does He Exist? Life's Ultimate Question.

null God; Why you Must Worship Him HIS Way!

null God; Will He Abandon You?

null Grace in the Old Testament!

null Great Horn of Daniel 8

null Guilt? Me? It is Needless Guilt!

null Habits? Me? A Creature of Habit?

null Healing of Servant: Do Matthew & Luke Contradict?

null Healthcare in the Bible!

null Heaven? What does 'Reward IN Heaven' mean?

null Hebrew Calendar and Its Postponements

null Hebrew English; A new 2018 book to consider!

null Hebrew Names to English Words!

null Hebrew Sanctuary; Illustrated Plan of Salvation

null Hebrew Sources of Northern Tongues

null Hebrew and English; Proof the Link Exists!

null Hebrews; Did the ancient ones "Fear The Sea"?

null Hell-Fire ever burning? Does Mark 9:49 Prove It?

null Heritage; Why celebrate one and desecrate another?

null Historian Eusebius; The Liar?

null Historical Chart of Prophetic Human Kingdoms

null Holy Days? Are they to be kept today?

null Holy Spirit "Says"? What Does that mean?

null Homosexuality & Gay Marriage; Medical Comments

null Homosexuality; What the Bible Says About it

null Human sacrifice? Did God permit Jephthah to do that?

null Immortal Soul? Do you have one?

null Immortal soul? Do we have one? Hebrew 4:12

null Iran (Persia) in Bible Prophecy!

null Iraqi Opposition to Saddam!

null Islam in Australia; Religion or political system?

null Islam; A cause for concern as it spreads!

null Islam; The Golden Age of Islam is a Myth!

null Islam; The Plain Truth About it

null Islam; Thomas Jefferson Studies Koran to Fight War

null Israel in the Kingdom of God!

null Israel's Heraldry; Ensigns Lost 10 Ten Tribes

null Israel; Reformation Of In The West; A Map

null Israelite Celtic Commonalities

null Israelites; Were they of the black race?

null Italy; The Race Change In Ancient Italy!

null Jesus & Satan; both called the Morning star?

null Jesus Christ: Did He claim to be God?

null Jesus Christ; History Documents!

null Jesus Crucifixion "Part of a day & night" theory?

null Jesus Crucifixion; Passion Week Chronology Chart!

null Jesus Crucifixion; Wednesday - Saturday!

null Jesus' Death, Buriel & Resurrection Chronology Chart

null Jesus' Death; A Violation Against Human Sacrifice?

null Jesus' Disciples KEPT Old Testament Laws

null Jesus' Sunday Resurrection Proof? NO!

null Jesus: Reconciling Two Genealogies of Christ!

null Jesus; Did He Contradict "Eye for an Eye"?

null Jesus; Historical References Non-New Testament!

null Jesus; Reliability of Secular References; Josephus

null Jesus; Reliability of Secular References; Myths

null Jesus; Reliability of Secular References; Tacitus

null Jesus; The "Swoon Theory" thoroughly refuted!

null Jesus; The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus!

null Jesus; The Case for Christ's Resurrection!

null Jesus; The Jesus Seminar!

null John the Baptist's cistern cave uncovered!

null Judah shall be "Broken"! Isaiah's Prophecy.

null Judaism; Is it the Old Testament Religion?

null Judas Iscariot; Do the Accounts of him conflict?

null Kabbalah and other Forbidden Practices!

null King David Sinned; He Will Receive Eternal Life! Why?

null Kingdom of God is "Within You"? The Meaning!

null Law and Grace

null Law and the Prophets; Done Away With?

null Lent & Ash Wednesday; The Pagan origins of them!

null Levites; The Promise to them!

null Long Life Spans of People in the Bible!

null Lost Ten 10 Tribes Chart, The

null Lost Ten 10 Tribes Map, The

null Love YOURSELF!

null Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen?

null Mark Was Composed Long Before A.D. 70!

null Mark's Gospel. Are the Last 12 Verses Inspired?

null Marriage; Why it Matters!

null Meat, Clean & Unclean; Peter's vision!

null Meat, Clean & Unclean; Peter's vision!

null Meats, Chart of Clean & Unclean Meats!

null Meats; A Scientific view of the modern Hog!

null Meats; Pork Linked To Cirrhosis of the Liver!

null Mind! Is Anything Superior to Your Human Mind?

null Ministration of Death? What is it?

null Moses and Exodus!

null Mount Sinai/Horeb; Where was It?

null Movie "Kingdom of Heaven" Lack of Accuracy!

null Muslim Immigration; A Threat to Western Democracy!

null Muslims; What the Media hopes you do NOT find out!

null NATO! All Eyes on it as War rages in Ukraine!

null Near Death Experiences? What are they?

null New Testament Manuscripts; How old are they?

null New Testament; Establishing it's reliability!

null New Testament; Influenced by Pagan Religions?

null New Testament; Is it Reliable?

null New Testament; Manuscript Attestation & Reliability!

null New Testament; When was it Written?

null Newark, Ohio Decalogue Stone and Keystone

null Noah's Flood; Dating of the the Flood?

null Noah's Flood; Did he build the Ark by Himself?

null Noah's Flood; Proof the Flood of Noah happened!

null Noah's descendants? Did they Know & Keep God's Law?

null Overcoming Isn't Easy!

null Palestine; The Jews took no one's land!

null Palestinian "Right Of Return"? What about it?

null Passover Service in the Church of God

null Passover; Is it for Christians?

null Passover; Preparation for the Passover!

null Patience; What Should You Do?

null Paul quotes Pagan Philosophers? Why?

null Paul; Did he have an "Out of Body" experience?

null Paul; Did he keep God's Law? I Corinthians 9:19-23

null Paul; Did the Apostle Paul suffer from Epilepsy?

null Paul; What is his "Thorn in the Flesh"?

null Peace Movement; What are these people thinking?

null Pentecost: Crowning Christ's Passover then!

null Pentecost: Founding the Christian Church then!

null Pentecost: Inauguration Christ's Heavenly Ministry!

null Pentecost: Inauguration Christ's in Revelation!

null Pentecost; God Begins a Spiritual Creation!

null Phoenician Alphabet, The

null Phoenicians Inscriptions from Around the World

null Physical life? Did It Begin by Chance?

null Polygamy in the Old Testament?

null Pool of Siloam; Uncovered in Jerusalem!

null Positive; How to be in a Negative World!

null Prayer and Meditation!

null Prayer; Are You Praying in Detail?

null Proof Jesus Observed Sunday as Holy?? NOT!

null Prophecy? Can It Fail?

null Purging All Meats; What Did Jesus Mean?

null Quebec; Who Are the Quebecois?

null Reap What You Sow!

null Red Sea Crossing; It's True Location!

null Resurrection; At the LAST Day

null Resurrection; The First

null Resurrection; The Second

null Resurrection; The Third

null Resurrection; There are THREE Resurrections

null Road to Emmaus: Proof of Sunday Resurrection?

null Ruth; Was She a Pure Israelite?

null Sabbath & The phrase "Evening and Morning".

null Sabbath Keepers Refuted Website, The Answers

null Sabbath before Moses Argument Refuted.

null Sabbath for Christians; Which day is it?

null Sabbath on Saturday; Jesus Kept it. Should We?

null Sabbath; "High Day" during Crucifixion week!

null Sabbath; Romans 14:5,6?

null Sabbath; The Weekly Cycle has Never Changed!

null Sabbath; The Weekly; Has Time Been Lost?

null Salvation? Is This the ONLY Day of Salvation?

null Samuel's Immortal Soul? Do we have one?

null Satan the Devil? Where is he today in 2023?

null Satan's Seed? What were the Nephilim?

null Science Today; Epidemic of fraud!

null Science Today; Quantum Mechanics Embarrassment!

null Science Today; Scientists behaving badly!

null Scotland; Scottish Declaration of Independence!

null Seven Laws Of Success, The

null Seven Seals Of Revelation Chart

null Shroud of Turin, The

null Sin; Is it All your Fault?

null Sincerity; Are You Sincere?

null Slavery in Islam

null Slavery in the U.S.; Father of was Black!

null Slavery isn't just the West's Burden.

null Slavery; Great Britain Ended the Scourge!

null Sodom? Does that ancient city have a future?

null Speaking In Tongues; Must you, to be Saved?

null Stars; The Stellar Parallax Deception!

null Suffering; Why Does God Allow It?

null Suicide; It's Causes And Cure!

null Thief on the Cross Arguments Answered

null Throne of David - Chart 1

null Throne of David - Chart 2

null Throne of David - Chart 3

null Throne of David - Crest

null Tithe Payers; Why Some Do Not Prosper!

null Tithe; Tithing Questions Answered

null Tithe; Tithing and Your Paycheck

null Treasures? Lay them NOT upon Earth, so is money bad?

null Tribe of Asher (Modern Location of)

null Tribe of Benjamin (Modern Location of)

null Tribe of Dan (Modern Location of)

null Tribe of Ephraim (Modern Location of)

null Tribe of Gad (Modern Location of)

null Tribe of Issachar (Modern Location of)

null Tribe of Judah (Modern Location of)

null Tribe of Levi (Modern Location of)

null Tribe of Manasseh (Modern Location of)

null Tribe of Naphtali (Modern Location of)

null Tribe of Reuben (Modern Location of)

null Tribe of Simeon (Modern Location of)

null Tribe of Zebulon (Modern Location of)

null Trinity; Satan's Greatest Deception!

null Ukrainian Crisis in Bible Prophecy!

null Valentines Day; A Pagan Holiday?

null Wavesheaf Ritual; Proof of Christ

null Way to Spiritual Growth -- Fast!

null What is the "Lord's Day" in Revelation?

null Willpower; Why You Need It How to Have It

null Women Silent in the Church? What did Paul mean?

null Work of the Watchman? What is it?