"The white race is the cancer of human history"

"The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean Algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, and Ballanchine ballets don't redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history." 


Author Susan Sontag, Partisan Review, Winter 1967, p. 57. 



by Otto Scott
(February 1989)


Several years ago Susan Sontag, darling of the intellectual Left, said, "The white race is the cancer of humanity."


A few years later, after God struck Ms. Sontag with cancer, her views of the use of that illness as a pejorative changed. But her disdain for her own race may, for all we know today, remain the same. If so, she has lots of company.


It is difficult for adults and impossible for students to escape descriptions of both historical and contemporary events without being told that it is all the fault of Caucasians — but not all Caucasians.


The slave traders of Islam are not psychoanalyzed or held aloft to scorn; the harem-masters of India and the evils of their caste system are barely recognized. The age-old indifference of the Orient to the value of individual life is seldom, if ever, the subject of indignation meetings; the sectarian wars of the Middle East are not eternally reviewed as evidences of religious fanaticism.


But Christian Caucasians are fair game. They are held uniquely responsible for the evils of the past. Their detractors are so numerous in contemporary Britain that The Spectator now refers to "the Race Industry" — in referring to professional monitors of behavior and association, whose livelihoods rely upon unearthing and prosecuting cases of discrimination and bias. Britain now has laws against openly prejudicial statements or actions — laws which might be beneficial if they were not applied only against Caucasians.


This peculiarity in British justice has been explained to students as only fair, because Britain is dominated by Caucasians. And, it is argued, since Caucasians are responsible for the condition of the realm, only Caucasians should be prosecuted, fined, and jailed for discrimination. All Britain’s minorities, in other words, are victims by definition — and cannot be held guilty of violating the human rights of others, because whatever they do is done in reaction to a basically evil system.


This argument, which is echoed in American elite circles, in our courts and by our government, is not limited to the United Kingdom and the United States: it has swept the English-speaking world and its allies. It takes a variety of forms — almost all invidious and reeking with Caucasian self-hatred. For instance, there has long been a campaign against apartheid in South Africa which holds that such a system is the greatest evil in the world. Certainly it is not a good system. It is to be regretted that the Afrikaners and the English settlers in South Africa ever instituted or allowed such a system to develop. But we are now witnessing a progressive dismantling of that system and there is every reason to believe that it will fall of its own weight as the majority of South Africans rise in terms of education and living standards — and in Christianity.


We say Christianity, because it is the only faith that accepts all men, of all races, from all geographical locations and from all walks of life — irrespective of lines of descent, language, color, culture, and past behavior — as worthy of equal rights.

It was because of their faith that Caucasian Christians stopped the Amerindians of Central America from conducting their enormous human sacrifices, who ended the Hindu practice of forcing widows to sit in the midst of flames that consumed the cadavers of their husbands, who halted the slave practices of Black Africa, who lifted (though briefly) hideous despotisms in many parts of the Orient.

Even in the United States, where Christian Caucasians are subjected to seemingly endless sneers about their religion, their color, their forbears, their manners and appearance, their customs and rituals, hundreds of thousands of Caucasian Christians sacrificed their lives in a great Civil War to free black people from slavery.


Yet their descendants, and the descendants of other Christian Caucasians whose immigrant parents helped make this nation the most creative and altruistic so far seen on earth, are subjected to incessant charges that they are uniquely racist and unworthy of respect.

If such charges came only from non-Caucasians they could be more easily seen as prejudice. But the basic arguments were invented by Caucasians. And today we have many Christian Caucasians who pride themselves on loathing their own kind.


These intellectual masochists decry the Christian Caucasians of South Africa, while tacitly approving the black government of Zaire, headed by Mobutu. Mobutu is now one of the richest men in the world, with a fortune estimated at $7 billion. The condition of the miners of Zaire is pathetic. Their wages are among the lowest; the dangers to which they are exposed among the highest. The people of Zaire are dirt-poor, and have little prospect of early improvement.


But neither our State Department nor our Christian Caucasian liberals are indignant over Zaire or Mobutu. They tacitly approve this horrid government because it is black. The blacks of South Africa may have the highest living standards of any black people in all black Africa — but they are governed by Christian Caucasians. And that is held to be unjust beyond words.


Much the same can be said for the rest of black Africa, which is on the edge of a great tragedy. Disease, starvation, tyranny, urban and rural collapse, desertification — every definition of catastrophe applies to independent black Africa. Yet no films appear, no fashionable novels decry, no musicals are mounted, no boycotts launched — for all the evils are committed by non-Christian, non-Caucasians — and it is only Christian Caucasians who can be safely made targets of indignation.


The atrocities of Cambodia; the wholesale murders in China; the wreckage of Lebanon and the renewed burning of brides in India do not, singly or in the aggregate, call for condemnation. No groups hold special seminars; no college courses dwell upon the imperfections of other races in other times and climes. Other races can torture and rampage at will, without fear that their origins will be insulted by our professors, or agitate our high-minded into protest parades.


Only Caucasian Christians remain objects of contempt by their own intellectuals, and by the intellectuals of all other groups in this land. Some term this Reverse Racism, but there is no reverse about it: it is simple racism.

The average Christian Caucasian does not, of course, believe such nonsense. Silence, in this instance, does not mean consent. But the elite, both Christian and non-Christian in the Caucasian-led societies of the West, appear adamant in pursuing the proposition that Caucasians are uniquely evil.

The root of the term suicide is in Latin, and means self-murder. Self-murder is murder. That is why suicide is both a sin and a crime in Christian theology. A self-murderer has succumbed to the unforgivable sin of despair, which means loss of faith in God.


A society that accepts suicidal beliefs about itself is, in effect, committing suicide; succumbing to despair. When such a mood overtakes an elite, it means that the elite is in the act of removing itself from leading in the future, for suicide ends the future.


Some non-Christians may welcome this prospect, in the belief that the world would be well rid of Christian Caucasians, but such a view would be to misread both history and our times. No race has brought more blessings to humanity than the Caucasian; none is more essential to the continued progress of world humanity. That Caucasian self-haters are not limited to Christians is proven by such persons as Susan Sontag and those for whom she writes.


Without Christians there would be no chance for long-range survival by minorities in our midst. The pre-Christian world of the ancients knew only conformity or death. The non-Christian societies of the Orient and the Marxists have restored similar tyrannies.


Stirring hatred against Christian Caucasians has had, however, unintended side-effects. It has envenomed our society and led to what Rushdoony has unforgettably called The Politics of Guilt and Pity. This has led to racial and ethnic quotas, "Affirmative Action" programs, vexatious litigation, unjust trials, dislocations, riots and ill-will. These are only some of the results of high-minded hatred against an entire race whose members are not, by any stretch of the term, Christians. But Ms. Sontag, for instance, is not immune from anti-Caucasian hatred simply because she shares it.


Self-hatred in our Academy, some mainline churches and parts of the cultural/governmental sector is a sign of intellectual senility at the top. Our elite looks forward to death rather than to life.


Fortunately millions, invisible to the media and government alike, are experiencing Christian rebirth. A generation is now visible on the horizon that will, in the foreseeable future, take the helm of our civilization. Composed of every race, assured by God of eternal life, and eventual victory, it will lead all the world away from racism, despite the self-haters.