Islam in Australia


Religion or political system?


Be informed. It is in your best interests.


Written by Free Australia Movement.

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Introduction: The following is written in the public interest by concerned people who hold traditional Australian values. We are not members of any political party, nor are we promoting any particular political party. This is not a hate session against Muslims, but rather about a system, an ideology. It aims at bringing a factual balance to the often one-sided and sanitized material on Islam emanating from governmental and Muslim sources. It is not a conspiracy theory unsupported by fact, nor is it racist, but it is definitely political and religious, for Islam is both of these. It is important for all Australians to know the beliefs and the aims of this ideology which is growing in influence in every level of government. Ignorance of them is a major factor in its growth. To be informed about them is the best defence against them, for they are diametrically opposed to our peaceful way of life and the democratic freedoms upon which our nation has been built. Unfortunately, many Australians aren’t concerned about issues until they are personally affected by them. If we wait till then it will be too late. On the committee that contributed to its writing were those who are authorities on Islam, whose mother tongue is Arabic and who have lived under Islam in Muslim countries. We are also in contact with numerous missionary societies around the world that keep us informed of up to date happenings that are never reported, or are falsely reported in the media. For their protection personal sources and missionary societies whose material we quote are kept confidential. Because the Australian media is often influenced by anti-christian and pro-Islamic elements that apply their own forms of censorship, some reports in this paper may surprise the reader.

An abridged version of this article has been produced in pamphlet form and is being copied and propagated around the country by ordinary Australians who wish to preserve our national identity and democratic freedoms. Copies may be obtained by writing to the Free Australian Movement address at the end of this article. This has become a grassroots movement and is unstoppable.

Thirty years of gradual psychological conditioning has prepared many Australians to believe that Islam is a beautiful and tolerant religion which should be tolerated if not accepted. Many have believed the sanitised propaganda of Islam because they have failed to do two necessary things we all should do if we want to learn about a religion - first study the life of the founder of that religion and also study the writings of its holy book. We have done this in respect to both Islam and the traditional religion of Australia, Christianity. Read the following and see if you agree with our conclusions.


Beliefs: ‘Islam’ means a ‘submission’ or a ‘surrendering’ (to Allah) and is the religion started by Muhammad in 622 A.D. Islamic belief and practice are based on a) the Quran (Koran), the Muslim holy book which Muhammad claimed was given him by Allah the god of Muslims, and b) the Hadith which is ‘The Tradition of Muhammad’ i.e., the stories of Muhammad’s deeds and sayings. The Hadith carry almost as much authority as the Quran. We will list those parts of Islamic belief that Muslims least want the West to know. They are not the views of a small or extreme sect of Islam, but are supported by the highest authorities of the various schools of Islamic thought. Nor are they based on the stereotypes of the popular media. In a Western cultural context some of these points may be relaxed, but when Muslims become a majority or have the political power to change laws these will become real issues to be enforced as they are in Muslim countries.


The Aims of Islam: ‘“In the next fifty years we will capture the Western world for Islam. We have the men to do it, we have the money to do it and above all we are already doing it.” So said a Muslim religious leader at the opening of yet another Islamic centre – this time in Stokholm, Sweden.’ Thus begins Dr Stuart Robinson’s book Mosques & Miracles. Muslim leaders have been making similar statements for years. They are so sure that the Islamisation process is irreversible in Europe that they are publicising their plans - but not in the Australian press. This does not imply that all Muslims know about or agree with this plan. This is a world-wide movement which regularly has its own Islamic nations conferences. Its aims and strategies are well planned, long-term and financed by an almost endless supply of Arab oil money. Islam sees itself as a theocracy, not a democracy. It does not separate religion and politics. It is a religion, but much more than a religion, for it has a political agenda that goes far outside the realm of religion. It regulates the Muslim’s social and domestic life, his legal system and politics – his total life.

To understand why Islam has this political agenda it is necessary to know a basic belief of Islam. In Islamic thought the world is divided into two parts, which are Dar-al-harb (the abode of war – where infidels live) and Dar-al-Islam (the abode of Islam). Islamic scholars of all schools of thought are generally agreed that the teachings of the Quran and Hadith support the view that a state of war exists between those countries under Allah’s Islamic rule and all others that are regarded as under the rule of the Devil. It is thus offensive for Muslims to live under western styled democratic governments. So while Muslims of different sects (Sunni, Shiite etc.) may fight and kill one-another, they are united in their aim to take over all countries not under Islamic rule and to make all the world Dar-al-Islam. This state of war already exists and needs no declaration of hostilities. Jihad and terrorism are expressions of this continuous war.


Islam’s stated political objectives: The following quotes from an Islamic website as it was early in ‘05 with our explanatory notes in square brackets:

The world seminar on State and Politics in Islam that met here in London exactly a year ago [August 1983] formulated the “political objectives of the Ummah” in the following terms:

  1. to eliminate all authority other than Allah and His Prophet ;

  2. to eliminate nationalism in all its forms, in particular the ‘nation-states’;

  3. to unite all Islamic movements into a single global Islamic movement to establish the Islamic State;

  1. to reconstruct the world of Islam into a system of Islamic States linked together by such institutions as are necessary to express the unity of the Ummah [all Muslims];

  2. to eliminate all political, economic, social, cultural and philosophical influences of the western civilization that have penetrate the world of Islam;

  3. to re-establish a dominant and global Islamic civilization based on the concept of tawheed [worship of one god, Allah];

  4. to create the necessary institutions for the pursuit of al-amr bil ma’ruf wa al-nahy ‘an al-munkar [that which Allah approves and the forbidding of that which Allah disapproves];

  1. to establish ‘adl [Justice i.e. Shariah Law] in all human relationships at all levels throughout the world.’


These political objectives are logical conclusions drawn from Quranic and Hadithic statements. Since Islam confesses to having a political agenda of world rule, the free world would be foolish not to take this seriously. If they are to remain free the free nations have no choice but to resist Islam with equal determination as they did the two previous threats to world peace (i.e., Nazism and Communism). Put bluntly, Islam is as much a political system as were Nazism and Communism, and more repressive of those who don’t accept its rule. What these other ideologies could not achieve by force, Islam is seeking to achieve by surreptitious infiltration in the West while using force in weaker areas. It trades on tolerance where freedom of religion applies in Western countries, but when in control it is the most intolerant ideology of all times. So whatever religion you may hold, or none at all, so long as you are not a Muslim you must realise you cannot remain neutral to this issue, for Islam does not remain neutral to non-Muslims where it succeeds in its plans.


Methods to promote Islam.

a) Jihad: All means are valid, both peaceful and violent, so long as they promote Islam. Concerning violent Jihad, in the Quran Muhammad said “Make war on them [non-Muslims] until idolatry shall cease and Allah’s religion shall reign supreme” (8:38). This is typical of numerous Quranic statements aimed at all non-Muslims. It is a mistake to regard terrorists as extremists, for that infers they are going beyond what is justified. They are simply going by the book, and doing what their religion’s holy writings command. Fortunately most choose more peaceful methods. Terrorism has diverted the West’s attention from a more dangerous threat - migration.

b) Migration: The movement of Muslims into non-Muslim countries as legal migrants and illegal migrants under the guise of ‘refugees’ is the main peaceful means of colonising the West for Islam. It has been truthfully said that ‘moderate Islamists are the Trojan Horse of fundamentalist Islamists’. About 120,000 migrants come to Australia each year. Recent figures from official sources are much greater. How many of these are Muslims, we do not know. On top of that 12,000 ‘refugees’ come to Australia every year by UN instigation. Most of these are Muslims. This is difficult to understand when Christians and other non-Muslims are the persecuted people in Muslim countries. We should be accepting genuine refugees, these persecuted minorities who have no hidden agendas and would be compatible with our way of life, not the persecutors who bring their un-Australian divisions and hidden agendas with them. After World War 2 we accepted many genuine refugees from Europe. Most were Christians. They came with no hidden agenda, assimilated well into society, were hard working and contributed much to our nation. By contrast, Muslims separate into their own communities having no intention of assimilating into the Australian way of life.

c) High birth-rate: Once in a country this is the next major factor in Islam’s world domination strategy. Muslim women usually have as many children as physically possible. Australian families are having on average about 1.7 children, when 2+ are needed just to maintain our numbers. But Muslim families have 3 – 4 times that number. Muslims do not feel bound by our polygamy laws. A Muslim in this country may have one official wife, and up to three unofficial ‘partners’, each with their own families supported by our liberal welfare system at taxpayers’ expense. A Muslim Imam recently boasted that in France Muslims are 10% of the population, but every second baby is born a Muslim! It has been reported that in Belgium “Mohammad” has been the mast popular name for baby boys for the last four years.

As an example of Muslim growth, a Netherlands government fact sheet (Jan ’03) shows that in Holland the Muslim population in 1971 was 54,000. In 2002 it was 800,000. Now it is about 1 million or 6.25% of the 16 million population. As is usually the case, the more Muslims grow in a population the more aggressive they become, and the more dangerous it becomes to offend them. The ABC on 3rd November ‘04 reported that Theo Van Gogh, a distant relative of the famous artist, had just been murdered in Amsterdam, presumably because he produced a film depicting the treatment of women in Islam. Australian TV recently reported the story of an ex-Muslim woman in Holland who is now a politician campaigning against the Islamisation of her adopted country. She must keep changing her address and be always accompanied by armed bodyguards in order to avoid assassination.

d) Secrecy of its motives and methods has made Islam great gains. This paper helps break this veil of secrecy. Civil Libertarians and other pressure groups set up the basis for a gradual and disguised Islamic takeover when they convinced politicians to make laws ruling out making any decisions on the basis of religion. In public perception, this included Islam. Had Australians been asked to vote on becoming an Islamic country and been informed only of Islam’s position on women and its legal system, let alone its total regulation of life, it would have been well defeated. No-one knows how many Muslim politicians or fellow-travelers there are. Nor do governments and some public institutions want the public to know the concessions they give to Islam (i.e. some hospitals and some municipal councils).

e) Deception. Some Muslims may use ‘al-taqiya’, a doctrine that permits lying and deception in a variety of circumstances, usually to protect themselves and/or promote Islam. Consequently a denial of the use of this doctrine cannot necessarily be taken at face value. A denial of deception may be the deception. This highlights a basic difference between Islam and Christianity in which honesty and truthfulness in all circumstances are highly valued. In Islam the end justifies the means if it promotes Islam.


Islam’s Jihad (the continuous war): Rather than being an extreme and unwarranted interpretation of the text, the following verses show that the normal and literal meaning of these texts in the Quran is the real source of Islamic aggression. They are quoted from the English translation of the Quran, published by Penguin Classics © N.J.Dawood-1997. Clearly, it is vilifying and subversive literature that can incite to terrorist activity, and as such qualifies to be banned from importation, sale and distribution.

  1. I [Allah] shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels [Non Muslims]. Strike off their heads; strike off the very tips of their fingers. That is because they defied Allah and His apostle. (8:12).

  2. Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it. But you may hate a thing although it is good for you, and love a thing although it is bad for you. Allah knows, but you know not. (2:216).

  3. The true believers [Muslims] fight for the cause of Allah, but the infidels fight for the devil. Fight then against the friends of Satan. (4:76).

  4. Believers [Muslims] make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them. Know that Allah is with the righteous. (9:123).

  5. Prophet [Muhammad], make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home: an evil fate. (9:73; cf. 66:9).

  6. When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them and lie in ambush everywhere for them. (9:5).

  7. Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah…Allah (Himself) fighteth against them. How perverse are they! (9:29,30) Pickthall’s translation. These two verses (7) were written about Christians and Jews after they rejected Muhammad’s religion, and cancel earlier verses that favoured them as ‘people of the book’ i.e. 2:62 & 5:69 etc. See “law of abrogation” later in “Islam, a religion of peace”.


The Quran itself thus makes all non-Muslims to be enemies of all Muslims. Referring to Christians and Jews as People of the Book is a purely academic distinction and is in practice meaningless, for if they do not accept Islam their treatment at the hands of Muslims will be the same as that given to all other non-Muslims (Infidels). These verses show the Islamic justification for terrorism and Jihad, and help explain Muslims’ hatred for all non-Muslims, including Jews and the Christian Western nations, of which Australia is one. They show why there can be no appeasement of Islam. This animosity has always existed. It has not been created by recents events, such as Australia’s participation in the liberation of East Timor, Afganistan and Iraq – though those influenced by Islam give that impression. Here are some examples of the outworking of the above Quranic verses of hate. For their protection our sources are not documented.

One missionary society recently reported: ‘Since the year 2000, over 8000 Christians have been killed in Indonesia. Radical Muslims have burnt more than 500 churches during the last 4 years…Over the last year and a half it has accelerated to an average of 11 churches every month. In some towns, every church, Christian school and orphanage has been burned down in one day. These buildings are not flimsy grass huts but established structures that seat hundreds. On the island of Java, crowds of radical Muslims surround churches and use machetes to hack anyone to death who tries to escape. A pastor and his family were burned to death inside the church. On Sulawesi, a squad of radical Muslim Laskar Jihad warriors attacked a series of Christian villages with machetes, guns, and clubs – even a bulldozer. The attackers burned homes and villages, killing everyone who could not flee.’

Others have reported that rather than die hundreds converted to Islam. These were all forcibly circumcised – men, women and children. Australian TV reported an interview with a woman who had been thus mistreated. Although Indonesia officially has freedom of religion in its constitution, in practice the police are either unable or unwilling to protect these rights. In most cases the police are Muslims and that seems to dictate their attitude. In some cases the military has even aided the Jihadists. Recently 11 Christian churches in Jakarta have been closed by Muslims. So much for religious freedom!

From Nigeria a mission society reports: ‘Africa is the scene of some of the worst anti-Christian persecution in the world. More that 10,000 people have died in the last few years as Muslim radicals attempt to impose traditional Islamic law (sharia) in more Nigerian states. Under sharia, worshipping Christ or telling others the Good News is punishable by death…In just one month, 10 Christian churches have been burned to the ground in one town alone. Recent attacks on Christians have been so violent that witnesses have reported seeing bodies of dead Christians carried away by the truckload! In another town, 3 believers were killed and over 3,000 left homeless, when Muslim militias destroyed their houses. In another village, a pastor and 48 members of his congregation were killed by Islamic militants just months ago’ (end of quote).

Other reports claim that in the last 20 years in the Southern and Dafur areas of Sudan almost two million people (Christians and Animists) have been killed by Muslim militia controlled by the Muslim government of Sudan. If a conservative estimate of 1,600,000 is assumed, then that is about seven times the latest estimate of 230,000 people killed in the recent south east Asian tsunami disaster. Compare the world’s response in each case. The world has been shocked by the tsunami devastation and loss of life and has immediately responded with aid and billions of dollars. But when seven times that number have been deliberately killed by Muslims in Sudan (plus those in Nigeria and Indonesia) because they would not convert to Islam, the world did virtually nothing to stop it. Finally a truce has been signed which we hope is genuine and lasting. The tsunami was a natural disaster, but the other the deliberate actions of a religion that hypocritically promotes itself in the West as a peaceful, tolerant and beautiful religion and way of life! Why are we so discriminatory and selective in our compassion and grief? Unless the free nations wake up to reality and change, they will pay dearly for such double standards.


Islam, a religion of peace! For propaganda purposes in the West Muslims often claim that their religion is one of peace, and even quote parts of the Quran in support. How do they reconcile this with the earlier quoted verses in the Quran that show Islam in a very ruthless and aggressive light? The conflict is easily explained. Those parts of the Quran that promote peace and tolerance were written early in Muhammad’s career when he was struggling to win support for his new religion. Later, after his move from Mecca to Medina when his forces were winning militarily his attitude changed to that of a ruthless conqueror, and the above verses were written then and reflect this change of attitude. Muslim ‘theologians’ solve such contradictions in the Quran to their satisfaction with the ‘law of abrogation’ which states that where there is a conflict the later statements ‘abrogate’ or cancel the earlier ones. Thus the ‘peace’ statements are cancelled and the aggressive statements stand. It is deceptive for Muslims to quote what they acknowledge are cancelled texts, but it is politically expedient to do so in the West until they are in a position of power. Peace, in Islamic thought is not simply the cessation of hostilities. It is achieved only where Islam is in complete control. Contrary to the propaganda specially designed for Western consumption, Muslim scholars have openly admitted that Islam is not a peaceful religion. Here are three examples:


  1. This is a quotation from “Muhammad! The prophet of Islam” p.7 which the writer obviously translates into English when he quotes from Arabic sources:

In his widely distributed book, Jurisprudence of Muhammad’s Biography, in its seventh Arabic edition published by Azhar University of Egypt, Dr. Ramadan Buti says bluntly on page 135 “the theory that our religion is a peaceful and loving religion is a wrong theory”! He also said this on page 73 of the English edition of 1988. He also says “The Holy war as it is known in Islam is basically an offensive war, and it is the duty of all Muslims of every age, when the needed military power is available, because our prophet Muhammad said that he is ordered by Allah to fight all people until they say ‘No God but Allah,’ and he is his messenger” (p. 134). And on page 324 he says, “The goal of this holy war is the exaltation of the word of Allah and the establishment of Islamic society on earth, And the offensive war is the apex of all wars, and the most honorable one.” On page 242 he says, “It is meaningless to talk about the holy war as only defensive, otherwise, what did the prophet mean when he said, “from now on even if they don’t invade you, you must invade them”’.

  1. Holy war (Jihad) is an Arabic virtue, and a divine obligation: the Muslim is always mindful that his religion is a Quran and a sword…the Muslim then is forever a warrior.” (Al-Azhar magazine, Cairo, in the opening article by Ahmad Hasan az-Zayat, August 1959. Al-Azhar is the most celebrated magazine in the Muslim world).

  2. Dr. M. Khan who translated the authentic Hadith Sahih al-Bukhari into English said this in his introduction to his translation: “Allah revealed in Sura Bara’at (Repentance, 9) the order to discard (all) obligations (covenants, etc), and commanded the Muslims to fight against all the Pagans as well as against the people of the Scriptures (Jews and Christians) if they do not embrace Islam, till they pay the Jizia (a tax levied on the Jews and Christians) with willing submission and feel themselves subdued (as it is revealed in 9:29). So the Muslims were not permitted to abandon “the fighting” against them (Pagans, Jews and Christians) and to reconcile with them and to suspend hostilities against them for an unlimited period while they are strong and have the ability to fight against them. So at first “the fighting” was forbidden, then it was permitted, and after that it was made obligatory.”


It is therefore clear that the Quran, the Hadith and Muslim scholars all agree that Islam is not a peaceful religion. Isolated Muslims living in non-Muslim areas will try to be seen as peaceful people and good missionaries for their faith, but when Islam is in control, these same people will do what their Imams and Mullahs tell them to do, especially when it can be shown that it is in the Quran. Muslims are victims of their own religion. Contrast Islamic teaching with what Jesus said: “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbour and hate your enemy. But I tell you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…If you love those who love you, what reward will you get?” (Matt 6:43-44).


Islamic Sharia law: This is regarded as above the law of any non-Muslim country in which Muslims live, and helps explain their behaviour. It is based on the Quran and Hadith and includes the position of women, the amputation of a hand for theft (unhelpful in earning an honest living), and execution for adultery (a permanent cure). It has been reported that Canada will soon introduce the Sharia law for Muslims in that country. Irrespective of oaths of allegiance made at naturalisation ceremonies, Muslims (immigrant or natural born) have only a secondary allegiance to the laws of their host nation because in Islam sole sovereignty rests with Allah and Islamic rule. This raises the question of where an Australian Muslim’s earthly loyalties lie – to the sovereign independence of the nation of Australia, and its democratic rule of law, or to a foreign un-Australian Islamic totalitarian religio/political rule? It cannot be both ways. Under the latter a citizenship certificate becomes a meaningless piece of paper and the right to vote has been gained under false pretences.

The Muslim has a problem, for he cannot separate his religion and politics – they are one. The Christian doesn’t have this problem, for he is subject to the laws of the land in a temporal sense, but subject to Christ in a moral and spiritual sense. The Christian is to ‘render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s’ (Mt 22:21). They are two different things. Only when Caesar’s (secular governmental) laws contravene God’s moral and spiritual laws is the Christian obliged for conscience sake to disobey the laws of the land, and he is obliged to accept the consequences. But Islam makes no such distinction. It is using our democratic freedoms in an effort to take away these same freedoms that our Christian heritage has given us. Freedom of religion in Australia does not include freedom to subvert our democratic political system and bring us under the control of an oppressive foreign system which demands every right and privilege here which it denies to non-Muslims in Muslim dominated countries.


Anti-terrorism laws: Muslims claim they are being unfairly targeted by these laws. But what can they expect when the source of terrorism is statements in the Quran, the Muslim holy book? No-one but Muslims would ever feel obliged to obey the aggressive Jihad commands in the Quran. This is why all terrorists are Muslims. That does not mean that all Muslims are terrorists. It is therefore important for law-abiding Muslims to report to the police any information they have of possible terrorist activity, for terrorist acts will inevitably put the whole Muslim community under suspicion. This is a good reason why Muslims should disassociate themselves from the Quran with its warlike agenda and become genuine Christians.


The position of women in Islam: Women in Islam – 1) Are inferior to men, being deficient in intelligence, religion and gratitude. 2) Are deficient as witnesses, the value of their testimony being half that of men. 3) Are toys. 4) Should be covered by the Hijab to protect “the chastity of men who might see her”. 5) Are like a rib – crooked. 6) The husband’s sexual desires must be met immediately, even if she is cooking his food. 7) Obedience to the husband is their key to paradise. 8) The husband’s rights are divine. 9) He may beat and sexually desert his wife. 10) Men may have up to four wives. ‘Temporary wives’ are acceptable. 11) A man’s privileges are foremost in the custody of children. (From Women in Islam, a fully documented book based on the Quran and teachings of undisputed Hadith. All women should read this, especially if they are planning to marry a Muslim). Muhammad used to tell husbands ‘hang your whip where your wife can see it’ (Kash-shaf of Al-Zamakhshari, vol. 1, P. 525, published by Dar al-Fikr, Beirut). Some Muslims are offended by the stating of these points simply because they are ignorant of their own scriptures and traditions. If quoting the Quran and Hadith offends Muslims, maybe they should become Christians. There is nothing in the New Testament that will offend them and much that will help them.


Conversions: Muslim men are encouraged to marry non-Muslim women. These are usually told that they worship the same god as the Christians – which is not true. Usually the women become Muslims as do their children. One respected aboriginal leader has reported that Muslim men were marrying aboriginal women to have Muslim children who would be able to make land claims as Muslim Aboriginals. If a Muslim converts to another religion this is regarded as a sin worthy of death, and his closest relatives will be his greatest threat.


Anti-vilification’ laws and their threat to freedom of speech: Many Australians are by now aware of the court case brought by Muslims against two Christian pastors in Melbourne under Victoria’s extreme version of Anti-vilification law, and under which they have been found guilty. Their offence was that they held a seminar in which they revealed some of the above beliefs and practices of Islam. Muslims present were offended by some things that were said. One paper reported - ‘The law exempts events held for a “genuine religious purpose”, but the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission declined to dismiss the complaint on that basis…Part of the problem is that vilification is defined in terms of the complainant’s feelings rather than objective fact…He [the Judge] pointed out that Pastor Scot was not inciting hatred, but urging Christians to reach out to Muslims in friendship and invite them into their homes. But although Judge Higgins urged mediation (declined by the Islamic Council of Victoria), he did not stop the hearing. The pastors cannot recover their costs, even if the complaint is ultimately dismissed. The case shows the flawed basis of so-called “equal opportunity” laws that have been adopted around Australia since the 1980s. The pastors are presumed guilty and must pay their own money to prove their innocence. The Equal Opportunity Commission acts as an agent for the complainants, helping them with legal advice and preparing their complaint.’ (New Life, Melbourne, 25th March 04, p.4).

Piers Akerman reporting the same case states - ‘Perhaps the most telling moment to date came just last Friday when Pastor Scot was asked by the Islamic Council’s barrister Debbie Mortimer to stop reading passages from the Koran and just give verses because the reading vilified Muslims. He replied: “If it is not for reading, it shouldn’t be in the book”…The greatest crime is that the politically correct Victorian Government ever enacted the shameful legislation which permitted the case to begin at all’ (The Sydney Daily Telegraph, 4th March 04).

Pastor Scot also reported that the Islamic Council’s barrister told the Judge that under this legislation ‘truth is no defence’. Pastor Scot then said that if that is the case ‘I am guilty of telling the truth’. If truth is no defence, then truth becomes almost irrelevant, but not so when we swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

If the revelation of what the Quran states causes laughter, dismay etc. and the “vilification” of Islam, whose fault is that? – obviously that of the Quran itself. And if Pastor Scot said that Islam promotes terrorism and the mistreatment of women, could he be guilty of vilification when we have earlier seen that the Quran does do that? Truth must be a defence. It is clear that it is not the manner in which passages were read from the Quran that offended the Muslims in Victoria, but that facts that do not show Islam in a favourable light were made public. The end result of the Victorian “anti-vilification” law is that the teachings of the Quran cannot be revealed or discussed in public in Victoria without the threat of a law case. Few can doubt that this is the true purpose of the legislation. One does not need to be a Christian to recognise the injustice and danger of this legislation under which these two Christian pastors have now been found guilty.

“The pastors are appealing the “guilty” decision in the Victorian Supreme Court. Meanwhile, on 22 June 2005, Judge Higgins of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) announced the “remedy” (penalty) for the alleged vilification. Judge Higgins ordered that a statement by the Islamic Council of Victoria, summarising their view of the findings of Judge Higgins against Catch the Fire Ministries, be published in the CTFM newsletter and on the CTFM website for a year. CTFM were also ordered to publish this statement as an advertisement in The AGE and the Herald Sun on a Saturday and a Monday over two weeks (at a cost of $70,000). Moreover the judge required the pastors to undertake not to make, publish or distribute in any part of Australia statements that have the same or similar effect as those found by VCAT to have breached the Act. The pastors say they cannot in good conscience publish statements they believe to be in error. Nor can they promise not to tell others what they believe to be important facts. They say they are motivated by love for Muslims, not hatred. However if the pastors persist in their refusal to comply with the VCAT remedy, Judge Higgins may make an injunction against them which could result in a prison sentence. The pastors say if the cost of telling the truth is prison, they are prepared to go there.” (LIGHT magazine, Aug – Oct 2005, p3).

The worldwide publicity that this case has received and the appeal which we can only hope will have a more just outcome may yet prove that the Muslims in Victoria have ‘shot themselves in the foot’ by initiating this court action. When one considers the treatment non-Muslims receive in Islamic countries, the audacity and hypocrisy of this action is breathtaking.

This case raises some serious questions that need to be addressed. Does the Victorian “anti-vilification” law encroach on the fundamental right of freedom of speech? How independent and unbiased are Equal Opportunity Commissions? Who comprises them? If truth is no defence, does this jeopardise our legal system? How can the quoting of any religion’s holy book vilify that religion? One cannot vilify what is already “vile” simply by reading it aloud. But In this case it seems that the Islamic Council’s lawyer thought so when she asked pastor Scot not to quote the text of the Quran, but to just quote the reference (i.e., chapter & verse). In other words, she thought that Islam vilifies Islam. Surely it is a prime duty of all our political leaders to preserve Australia’s heritage, independence and democratic freedoms, and not introduce laws that can be used to undermine them.

We must have laws to guard against libelous and defamatory language, but we cannot justify their use against the truthful statement of, or discussion of, the aims and beliefs of any group, party, sect or religion. It is in the public interest for all Australians to know the above facts about Islam that this law in Victoria is being used to suppress. Your sister or daughter may want to marry a Muslim. The reader can judge if it is in her best interests to remain ignorant of her position in her husband’s religion. And who could deny that it is in the whole nation’s best interests to know that the leadership in Islam is planning the takeover of our country, the abolition of our democratic government and legal system and the replacement of this with Islamic rule and Sharia law? The Bible and its teachings have been and can be openly discussed by friend and foe alike. Why should that not be the case with the teachings of Islam in the Quran and Hadith? All religions should be open to scrutiny if they have nothing to hide. And it seems Islam has much to hide. Freedom of fair speech is an inalienable right in a democratic free society. When it is breached we have taken the first step to becoming a police state.


Muslim infiltration of government departments: Some (if not all) government departments have confidentiality clauses in the employment contracts with those who work in them. Whatever the reason for this secrecy, it is very convenient for the Muslims who gravitate to these departments. It has been reported by one who used to work there that years back in one state Attorney General’s office, of three senior positions, two were held by Muslims. This may allow them to influence policy or be privy to important information that may be used to serve the Muslim cause. This situation is similar to Nazi spies being allowed to work there during World War 2, for as we earlier noted, Islam claims it is at war with all non-Islamic parts of the world. It is interesting that of hundreds of our Islam pamphlets and covering letters that we sent to all Federal, State and Territory politicians, we received letters of acknowledgment from only 66. We do know that at least one never received it, so what happened to the others is open to conjecture. Was it that they didn’t think they were worthy of a reply, or did their minders dispose of them at their own discretion. Is this why our politicians are often so ignorant of the Islamic agenda?


Further Influence in Government: NSW Education Dept. publications gratuitously push the Muslim cause. June ‘04 edition of Inform features a front cover picture of a Muslim girl in scarf. Another glossy magazine distributed in schools about the same time (Education Resource Guide) also features a front cover picture of a little girl in Muslim uniform (a Muslim political statement). Since the public school system is supposed to be secular, it would be better to drop this Muslim emphasis altogether. If Jewish or Christian pupils got equal exposure and promotion we might conclude there is no Muslim bias.

Universities: A letter from the Federal Education Minister’s office indicates that there are numerous universities around the country that run Commonwealth funded Islamic study courses. There seems to be no even-handed approach to teaching the various world religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism etc. that are normally found in Comparative Religions studies. It gives the impression of being heavily loaded in favour of Islam. If it is not to promote Islam and to give it a much-needed academic respectability in the eyes of impressionable students who tend to take everything they are taught as gospel, what else can justify it? One can only wonder if inducements have been given to universities to start such courses. Rather than studying a sanitised version doctored for the Westerner, if people want to do serious study in Islam, it is better to go to an Islamic country where they can better learn Arabic the language of the Quran, and see what kind of culture that religion produces (Saudi Arabia would be ideal). But they had better taste before they buy, for if they don’t like what they buy, too bad. There are no refunds in Islam.

Multiculturalism, contrary to the ads, kills harmony. It is divisive for it encourages the different groups not to assimilate into one homogeneous society, but to keep their divisions and to push their own agendas, when they would otherwise be treated as all other Australians. After World War 2 European migrants found no problem here with Assimilation. Multiculturalism was frowned upon then, and it can never work permanently when Islam is a party, because the Quran discourages friendship with non-Muslims (4:144; 5:51; 58:14,15 etc). How can Muslims live peacefully with infidels (non-Muslims) when the Quran (8:12,38 etc) tells them to kill them? If Multiculturalism was truly multicultural, all religions would be equally promoted, for the different religions each produce their own distinctive cultures. But this would demonstrate the fallacy of ‘harmonious multiculturalism’ for they all teach different and contradictory things. ‘Multiculturalism’ is simply a deceptive cover-up for a pro-Islamic promotion, though many people promoting it would not realise they are being used to that end. Indeed, most would probably be shocked to realise this.

Appreciating Islam is a publication ‘supported by the Commonwealth Government’s Living in Harmony initiative administered by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs’ (Quoted from back cover). Financed by taxpayers’ money this is published by The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Jan ‘03. When we asked the relevant department in Canberra for a copy, we asked if Appreciating Christianity was also available. The speaker didn’t think it was. Reader, draw your own conclusion. This propaganda paints Islam in the most favourable light a Muslim could wish. If this document is all that our politicians know about Islam it is no wonder they are so easily deceived. It makes much of what it claims are the similarities of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, but makes no mention of the parts of the Quran we earlier quoted that drive the resurgence of Islam, or parts that tell Muslims to fight against Christians and Jews in particular, and all others in general. It is a complete whitewash and another case of ‘al-taqiya’ (deception). Contrast the ‘beautiful’ and ‘tolerant’ Islam of this deceptive document with the real Islam as experienced by many residents in some Sydney suburbs. Of course, isolated Muslims living in non-Muslim communities will probably try not to offend their neighbours. But experience shows that the more they predominate in an area the more they revert to Islamic culture, the culture they will impose on all Australians if they ever take over this country.


Examples of Muslim culture and intimidation here in Australia: Did you know? –

  1. In some parts of Sydney non-Muslims dare not buy a house or flat. One non-Muslim couple moved into a unit they had bought in a predominately Muslim area. Not long after the lady was lying on a couch when a bullet came through the window and into the wall just above her head. The police said that is the way Muslims tell others to get out of the area, and they (the police) would put their names on the bottom of the list of similar cases. Needless to say they soon sold their unit. Another subtle method to evict Infidels is to repeatedly befoul letter-boxes, door and gate handles etc. with human faeces.

  2. In some parts of Sydney when Muslims go to the Mosque en masse they have been known to ignore foot-crossings and traffic lights while one stands in the middle of the busy road and holds up the traffic while they march across!

  3. In some places and times in Sydney Muslims buy petrol at greatly discounted rates, but if non-Muslims get in the queue they risk some damage to their cars.

  4. A non-Muslim lady on crutches in one shopping centre in Sydney had her crutches knocked from under her so that a Muslim could get into a lift ahead of her.

  5. An Australian woman married a Muslim here and returned to Indonesia with her husband. After six years and six children she returned with her husband. Her grief-stricken mother was not even allowed into the house in which they lived.

  6. A lady was watching her two primary school daughters (wearing bikinis) swimming in a pool by a beach.. A youth of a nearby Muslim family approached her and told her to cover up the girls. She refused. He later returned and opening his jacket showed her a knife and told her to move off. She moved.

  7. When Premier Carr of NSW visited the Lakemba mosque in Sydney it was reported that the Mufti greeting him with ‘welcome to the Islamic Republic of Lakemba’.

  8. A lady accidentally bumped into a Muslim lady in a supermarket. She told the lady she was sorry, only to be told ‘Not so sorry as you will be when we take over this country’.

  9. Sydney’s Auburn hospital treats about 40 cases of female genital mutilation each year. (The Chronicle, Toowoomba, Qld. Thurs. Nov. 13, 2003, p. 13). This is illegal and carries a seven-year jail term. Where are the convictions?

  10. A highly educated Muslim man told a real estate agent in Sydney ‘When we take over this country, we will take your property, your wife and your children’.

  11. Muslims are now saying they will take over this country by 2020.

  12. A final example of many more we could quote: Our slanted legal system allowed Muslims to have the combined wish of the citizens of the small rural community of Annangrove (Sydney) and the local Shire Councillors overturned, resulting in the building of an Islamic centre (mosque) in Annangrove where previously no known Muslims were living. Of approximately 700 present at the public meeting held to discuss the issue, only one Muslim family was represented, and they were from Kenthurst, an adjoining suburb! For their opposition the locals received threatening letters and a Jihad threat on the internet. On the internet Muslims stated there were 40 Muslim families in the area who wanted an Islamic centre built there. But the figures were fudged, for on inquiry it was found that they were not from Annangrove but from a very wide surrounding area. Feelings ran so high that someone responded by throwing pigs heads into the mosque. This was well reported in the media, but as usual there was no mention of the Muslims’ actions. The building of a mosque often spearheads the gradual takeover by Islam of a new area. Our legal system should allow communities to protect themselves against the predatory designs of this evil system which under the cloak of ‘freedom of religion’ brings division and strife, the devaluation of property and ultimately the exclusion from the area of the local non-Muslim population. This is an established pattern of operation and will continue until the law is changed. Residents can object to a development on many grounds, but not, it seems, when Islam is involved.


Concerning the above: Apart from a newspaper source which is documented, for their protection personal sources are again kept confidential. Four were observed by a friend of the writer who lived in a Muslim area in Sydney, or happened to herself and family members. Two were reported by a prominent christian politician. One (12) was told to the writer by one of the organisers of the public meeting. The others were reported to a FAM committee member who has spoken on Islam in numerous churches in Sydney. We have no reason to doubt their authenticity, and they are consistent with other reports not included.


Another recent example of Muslim intimidation: This time it did get good publicity: On the 30th of January 2005, a fight took place outside a polling booth in Auburn, Australia. As Iraqi Australians were casting their vote in the first democratically held elections, a group of up to 30 men descended on them, calling out "death to the people who vote" and "long live Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi". An eye witness said: ”They took photos for the people coming to vote and the IOM staff as well, which is very dangerous. All the people have been photographed by them, maybe they're going to be under threat.”

Shots were fired and one man is in a serious condition in Westmead Hospital and three others suffered ricochet wounds during the shooting on Sunday night’.


Are our politicians ignorant? Are they completely deceived by Islamic propaganda? And if they are not, are they afraid to speak out because they fear losing the Muslim vote? Is this the type of politician you want? - or the culture you want your children and grandchildren to inherit? The above is typical of a growing cancer in our society, and it needs a national outcry to say enough. Stop importing this violent and subversive culture into Australia under the guise of humanitarian acts for Muslims who claim to be persecuted by other Muslims. Instead give refuge to those minorities that suffer far worse at the hands of all Muslims in Muslim countries. We need politicians who will make just laws, and a police force that will enforce the law for all without fear or favour. We believe in religious freedom for Muslims to pray and worship in their own time and place as they wish, but when a religion becomes a political force and a threat to our democratic freedoms and our national identity, it lays itself open to be legislated against. Laws being used to allow this insurgency have not been here long and can be rescinded. And it is imperative that this be done soon, for these are issues not of freedom of religion but of national security. The anti-Australian, anti-democratic political baggage of Islam means that Muslims can no longer claim privilege and immunity on the false basis of freedom of religion.

If governments and oppositions, both state and federal, were to combine against this threat to our national security, they would save our country – and neither would be politically disadvantaged by the other. The response must be on a bi-partisan basis. Those that continue on the present path of accommodating and even supporting Islam (which will not accommodate us if it gets its way) will pay at the ballot box, and the loss will be many times the Muslim vote. If both continue as they are they will either preside over the biggest disaster ever to befall this nation, or will fade into political oblivion and be replaced by those with more responsible policies. The stakes are very high when security is traded for votes.


Abortion – National suicide. It will soon be obvious why this is included. It has been claimed by the Federal Health Minister and some in the medical field that in Australia every year approximately 100,000 pregnancies are ‘terminated’. On this average over a generation of 20-25 years that amounts to the murder of about 2.5 million people. On top of that, add the following descendants that number would have generated. If we stop having abortions we would minimise the biological increase advantage that Muslims now have over the rest of the population. And if we stopped the importation of Muslims and started having the same number of children that our parents and grandparents had we would in a peaceful manner eliminate the danger of an Islamic takeover of this country in the future. Abortion clearly jeopardises the national security of future generations. It would be a safe guess that as a general rule Muslims do not have abortions.

As I write this I have in front of me four 3D ultrasound pictures of an unborn baby in the womb at the 12th week. He crosses his legs, yawns, rubs his eyes and holds a hand to his face. This is a human being. They are babies like this that are being horribly killed every day in our abortion clinics. There are live premature babies in maternity wards the same age as some late-term babies that are killed this way. And the only difference is a slight change of geographical location that makes the difference. At the same stage of development one is in the womb, and the other is in the humicrib. If a live premature baby is killed after birth it is murder, but if he/she is killed in the womb, it is not murder, it is a ‘woman’s choice’. There is no justification for this abortion madness which is legalised murder on a technicality. Apart from possible detrimental side-effects for later pregnancies, the recently recognised increased risk of breast cancer and the psychological harm done to the woman who has an abortion, there is the loss to society. Many childless couples would be glad to lovingly rear as their own an unwanted baby. So for three reasons abortion is wrong. It is morally wrong, it is socially wrong and it nationally foolish. It is just as well for pro-abortionists that their parents did not treat them as a troublesome molar or appendix.


Two revealing testimonies

  1. Despite a website aimed at discrediting it (probably a Muslim source), this account is 100% true. If you wish to verify it yourself, the author who lives in the USA has suggested you contact him at his email address: or visit his web site at:

Last month I attended my annual training session that’s required for maintaining my state prison security clearance. During the training session there was a presentation by three speakers representing the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Muslim faiths, who explained each of their belief systems. I was particularly interested in what the Islamic Imam had to say. The Imam gave a great presentation of the basics of Islam, complete with a video. After the presentations, time was provided for questions and answers. When it was my turn, I directed my question to the Imam and asked: “Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but I understand that most Imams and clerics of Islam have declared a holy jihad against the infidels of the world. And, that by killing an infidel, which is a command to all Muslims, they are assured of a place in heaven. If that’s the case, can you give me the definition of an infidel?”

There was no disagreement with my statements and, without hesitation, he replied, “Non-believers!”

I responded, “So, let me make sure I have this straight. All followers of Allah have been commanded to kill everyone who is not of your faith so they can go to heaven. Is that correct?” The expression on his face changed from one of authority and command to that of a little boy who had just gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He sheepishly replied, “Yes.” I then stated, “Well, sir, I have a real problem trying to imagine Pope John Paul commanding all Catholics to kill those of your faith or Dr. Stanley ordering Protestants to do the same in order to go to Heaven!” The Imam was speechless.

I continued, “I also have problem with being your friend when you and your brother clerics are telling your followers to kill me. Let me ask you a question. Would you rather have your Allah who tells you to kill me in order to go to Heaven or my Jesus who tells me to love you because I am going to Heaven and He wants you to be with me”.

You could have heard a pin drop as the Imam hung his head in shame.’ (end of quote).

Note: Needless to say, the organisers and/or promoters of the ‘Diversification’ training seminar were not happy with Rick’s way of dealing with the Islamic Imam and exposing the truth about the Muslim’s beliefs.


  1. This testimony comes from a Queensland (Aust.) correspondent:

In 1998 whilst I was in France I came across the only honest Islamic broker I have encountered. The Grand Mufti of France was being interviewed in respect to the Islamisation of the Nation. An AAP rep asked if Australia would ever be a target for such religious conversion. The G.M. replied, “The invasion of Australia has already begun. We are obliged to convert you in Australia, and indeed the whole non-Muslim world.” Not a word was ever reported outside Europe and Great Britain of that interview, which coincidentally took place at the same time Australian traitor politicians were in Leon for the bi-annual meeting of the World Parliament, and world constitution. Our State [Qld] Attorney General was one prominent speaker’ (end of quote).

Did the Australian Associated Press rep or someone else in the Australian media exercise censorship to keep Australians ignorant of this information? If so, why? To what extent does Islam influence Australian media? Are any state or federal governments working towards bringing Australia under some form of world government without the approval of the people?


A Word of Warning: Muslim teams are traveling around the country conducting what are advertised as “Interfaith” meetings with unsuspecting church groups whose ministers are often quite ignorant of Islam and the tactics used in such meetings. At one such meeting in Sydney where Islamic literature was distributed and displayed a Middle Eastern Christian was banned from giving out Christian literature. He complained to the meeting that it was not “interfaith” but a one-sided Islamic promotion. After the meeting he was approached by one of the Muslim leaders who said to him in Arabic “You are a dead man”. This was overheard by another Arabic speaker.

Care must be taken not to compromise your position by agreeing to a joint statement prior to the meeting. There must be no call to convert to Islam by reciting the Islamic Shahada creed or any other Islamic sayings, nor should there be any curses pronounced upon those who don’t convert. You must insist that the Christians have the right to record the whole meeting with video cameras and audio, and that the Muslims do not control the PA system. They have used this to disrupt Christian speakers. Muslims have also been known to edit a video of a debate that did not go well for their speaker, reversing the final production, to appear that they had won the debate. A final warning; don’t think after reading this that you are now an expert on Islam. Read the websites and any recommended reading at the end of this article and you will be more knowledgeable. If you would like to hear a competent Christian Islamic specialist, contact F.A.M.


A popular objection by Muslims: Are not Western Christian nations decadent and immoral societies? This is the image of the West that the Muslim world sees portrayed in secular Holywood movies etc. - images that reflect the standards of those who have abandoned the teachings and standards of the Bible. They in no way represent genuine Bible-believing Christians of the West. Similarly, murderous Islamic terrorists do not project the image that law-abiding Muslims in the West would be proud of. On this basis neither side can boast. The real issue is this – those who call themselves ‘Christians’ and who live immoral and decadent lifestyles are those who disobey the teachings and example of Jesus in the Bible, and are Christian in name only. But the murderous terrorists and Jihadists of Islam are not those who disobey the teachings of the Quran and the example of Muhammad, they are those who obey them. The conflict is between the teachings of Jesus in the Bible and the teachings of Allah in the Quran. Jesus said ‘Love your enemies’ (Luke 6:27), and ‘However you want people to treat you, so treat them’ (Mtt 7:12). But Allah in the Quran says of all non-Muslims: ‘Deal rigorously with them’ (9:73) and ‘Strike off their heads’ (8:12). We could not find a more stark contrast and better proof that the Allah of Islam and the Quran is not the God of the Christian Bible.

Muslim friend, we have truthfully quoted your own scriptures and true accounts of behaviour that your scriptures encourage. This must raise some serious questions in your own mind. Get a copy of the New Testament, the latter part of the Bible, and read it for yourself. In it you will read about Jesus (who is spoken about in the Quran) and how He will forgive your sins and give you the peace and joy of knowing Him personally in this life, and His assurance that you will be with Him in heaven in the life to come.


What are our options? If Islam takes over Australia the Quran and Hadith leave us the following options: 1) Convert to Islam, 2) Death. Some may argue that a third option is to become a persecuted 3rd class citizen in your own country. This is not an option now being given to Christians in northern Nigeria, Sudan or Indonesia, so what reason do we have to believe it will be an option here if Islam captures Australia?

Australia has been a Christian nation from its inception. An original verse of our National Anthem makes this abundantly clear – not the doctored versions presently on some websites that claim to better represent our multicultural national makeup (hardly supported by the following facts). Our laws are based on the Bible’s Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17), and the Christian symbol of the Cross is in our national flag. There is ample evidence to show that the founding fathers of our Commonwealth believed they were founding a Christian nation. Although many have abandoned Christian standards in their own personal lives, according to the 2001 Census there are still 67.9% who claim to be Christians. Thus there are well over three times the number of nominal Christians in Australia than those of all other religions (4.8%) and atheists (15.5%) combined. The remaining 11.7% were not stated or were inadequately described, so cannot be included in the calculations. Many in this group may have been Christians who wanted to remain anonymous, but it could also include many Muslims who are disguising their numbers in the community. Of the 20.3% who were clearly stated as not being Christians, apart from Muslims, few of these would be prepared to exchange our nominal ‘Christian’ culture with all its faults for that of Islam if they knew all the facts about what the Bible teaches and what the Quran and Hadith teach.

To be realistic, presently we have only two choices. A neutral secular middle position is not a realistic option against aggressive Islam, for it has no positive basis from which it can resist. Islam, as a religious/-political ideology, can only be effectively resisted by government on a religious/political basis. If we fail to recognise that Islam is also a political system, and if we will not oppose it on a religious basis, we fail on the only two bases upon which government can safeguard our freedom and national identity. What is happening in some European countries seems to demonstrate this. Unless there is a change of approach in these countries, it is only a matter of time before they become Islamic states. This would create an interesting situation if one (e.g., France) happens to be a nuclear power.

The choice is between the Bible and the Quran, between Christ and Allah, between Christianity and Islam, between truth and error. When all the facts are known, it is no exaggeration to say that for those who want to remain free people there really is only one choice, and it must be grasped with both hands. Government policy has allowed this situation to develop, and government policy can correct it. We can’t imagine for a moment that Islamic countries would tolerate a continual mass influx of Christians into their countries and allow them to freely proselytise among the Muslim population and work towards the overthrow of their governments. That being the case they could hardly condemn us for doing what they do, and what is necessary to protect our own freedom and national Christian identity. And we should feel no qualms about doing it. Our gradual move towards secularism has created an ideological vacuum which will be filled by Islam if we don’t soon reverse this trend. It is high time we returned to valuing our Christian heritage and our Bible with its morals and true spirituality, for the alternative is too terrible to contemplate. This was our source of moral courage and strength that stood by us well as an emerging nation and through two world wars and the Communist threat. If we stand for nothing, we will fall for anything.

There are of course other non-Christian religions in Australia. Among them Islam is unique, but not all for commendable reasons. Only Islam has the motivation and stated intent, the financial resources, the biological growth, the migration program, the international organisational ability, and the aggressive and coercive methods to achieve its plans to capture the world. And only the scriptures of Islam advocate its promotion by force and violence. These methods coupled with its deceptive propaganda and the inability of most to leave the movement under threat of death, account for the claim that it is the fastest growing religion in Australia and the world. Obviously, without its biological growth and migration program Islam could never win in the West if it honestly presented itself and competed in the normal way in the market-place of religious and philosophical thought. That is why it is so sensitive about its beliefs and aims being publicised here.

Unless you have lived for an extended period in a non-Christian country as this writer has, you cannot appreciate all the benefits our Christian heritage has given us, which we take for granted. And if you haven’t lived in a Muslim country as some of the FAM committee have you cannot really appreciate the danger Islam presents to Australia and the free world. Freedom is the hall-mark of Christian culture – a freedom that unfortunately can be and has been abused, but oppressive bondage which tolerates no dissent is the hall-mark of Islam. So even if you are not a Christian it is in your best interests for Australia to remain a Christian country and a free country. Indifference is a major problem. If we are awake to the true nature of the threat and make the effort we can remain a free nation. We trust this article will help you to a better understanding of the problem and the solution.


How should we respond? Be aware of what is happening and make your concerns heard in the community and to your local, state and federal representatives. Politicians will listen and act when votes are at stake. Our combined voting power can work miracles. Get involved in politics to protect real Australian values and work for just laws. Vote for the party that best promotes traditional Australian values. Be patriotic and fight to preserve the freedom of the country our children will inherit. Young couples this is important, stop trying to live up to the Joneses and wanting everything yesterday. Instead, start your families early, espouse family values, stop the abortions, forget the contraceptive pill and be prepared to have large families. You will live on a lower level of luxury, though the government will support you well, and you will be happier. Compete with the Muslims in the biological increase stakes. If Muslims can thrive with large families, so can you.

The old saying applies here - ‘All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing’. Remember the last thing Islam wants is for you to be informed about its policies and aims, and for these to be discussed openly. If you doubt the legality of this article, this shows how successful the bluff and intimidation of Islam have been. Be prepared for ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’ slurs. We are not racist or religious bigots – just ordinary people who love our country and want to keep it the best country in the world. Be a real Australian and don’t be intimidated. We make no apology for being patriotic.


In Conclusion: If we go to Muslim countries we are expected to conform to their laws and customs. It is not unreasonable to expect the same respect for our laws and customs by all who come here. And when this is not forthcoming, government must take appropriate steps. If government fails to act now, it will earn the just condemnation of future generations. Because the evidence clearly shows that Islam is a national security threat, the following are reasonable and necessary precautions that government should consider. The times in which we live demand it. If you think these measures are draconian, it is probably because you have not realised how draconian the problem is.


  1. Stop importing Muslims. Instead, give refuge to persecuted non-Muslim minorities in Muslim countries.

  2. Restrict abortions. They adversely affect our long-term viability as a free nation and are morally and socially indefensible.

  3. The police force should enforce the law without fear or favour for all in this country.

  4. Anti Vilification’ laws should be abolished, allowing free speech and discussion as previously existed. We need to be an informed society if we are to remain a free society.

  5. Muslims should be given no special privileges or concessions not available to all others.

  6. An armed non-Muslim ‘National Guard’ similar to that in the USA needs to be trained and maintained to support the police who are intimidated in Muslim areas. If Muslims ignore gun laws this would be a wise move. Recent gun laws and the surrender of fire-arms has left the law-abiding non-Muslim population unable to defend itself.

  7. All politicians should declare their religious preferences.

  8. Emphasise our national identity as a christian country.

  9. Replace the divisive multicultural emphasis with assimilation.

  10. Proxy rule of Australia by the UNO should be resisted. All treaties with UNO should be cancelled.

  11. Stop buying Arab oil, as this helps finance the subversion of our democratic political system. Develop our own energy resources.

  12. Cleanse all governmental departments of Muslim infiltration, and stop all pro-Islamic university courses.


Recommended reading and websites:

Women in Islam by P. Newton and Rafiqul Haqq. (available from F.A.M)

Allah is he God? by P. Newton and Rafiqul Haqq. Email:

Mosques and Miracles by Dr Stuart Robinson. Published by City Harvest Publications, PO Box 6462, Upper Mt Gravatt, Qld 4122, Aust.

Unveiling Islam by Ergun Mehmet Caner & Emir Fethi Caner (the authors are ex-Muslims)

Islam Unveiled by Abdullah Al Araby. Published by The Pen VS The Sword, P.O. Box 661336 Los Angeles, CA 90066, USA

Who is this Allah by G.J.O. Moshay. Dorchester House Publications, Gerrards Cross, Bucks SL9 8HA, UK

Against the tides in the Middle East. International Evangelical Resource Centre, PO Box 81974, Casselberry, Florida 32718 – 1974 USA

The Difference is the Son by D. Shayesteh, P.O. Box 1885, Castle Hill, NSW 1765, Australia

Jesus and Muhammad by Mark A. Gabriel

Islamic Invasion by Dr Robert Morey

Islam Revealed by Anis Shorrosh

The Secrets of the Koran by Don Richardson (Arabic with an English version)



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