Dan 2 The Image Dan 7 The Four Beasts



Dan 8 The Ram and Goat Rev 13  Beast & Image
(State)  (Church)
Rev 17 Babylon and Beast Explanation of Symbols Events Fulfilled in History
Head of Gold v.32, 38 1st Beast like Lion v.4   1st head of Babylon The Chaldean Empire 625-539 B.C.
Breast & Arms of Silver v.32, 39 2nd Beast (Bear) v.5 Ram with 2 Horns v.3, 4, 20 2nd Head of Babylon Persian Empire 558-330 B.C.
Belly & Thighs of Brass v.32, 39 3rd Beast (Leopard) 4 heads v.6 He Goat with great horn and 4 notable ones v.5-8, 21-22 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Heads of Babylon Greece Under Alexander & four divisions began 333B.C.
Legs as Iron v.33, 40-43 4th Beast strong like Iron with 10 horns v.7, 23-24   The Beast with 7 Heads & 10 Horns v.1-2 1st of the 8th system of v.11  7th Head of Babylon The Roman Empire 31 B.C. A.D. 476 in 2 divisions East and West
  The Deadly Wound v.3   Fall of Roman Empire A.D. 476
1ST HORN Plucked by roots   1st HORN These three horns destroyed at behest of Pope fill the "transition age" (Myers). The Vandal A.D. 429-53
2 HORN plucked by roots 2nd HORN The Herulii A.D. 476-493
3rd Horn plucked by roots   3rd HORN The Ostrogoths A.D. 493-554
Little Horn among ten v.8, 20-22, 24-27   2 Horned Lamb Dragon Image v.11-18 Scarlet Woman who rode the beast v.1-2. Heads portrayed as "Mountains" (Rev 17:9-10). Rise, Peak & Fall. Ruled the Beast so called Babylon the Great False Christianity & Church government, or image of the Roman Empire.
4th Horn The 1260 years of papal rule (The Little Horn) from 590-610 AD to 1850-1870 A.D.  European nationalism took hold of Europe resulting in the suspension of Papal Temporal Power.
1st of remaining 7 horns-Deadly Wound was Healed ( to continue 1260 years v.5)  554-1814=1260 YEARS Beast Continued 1st head of Beast (healed) ridden by woman

 2nd of the 8th system of v.11 

Since the "Great Whore" never rode any of the seven heads of the 1st four beasts, but did mount and ride the last 7 horns of Daniel's fourth beast it follows that the last seven horns of Dan 7 and Rev 13 are the seven heads of Rev 17 (5 fallen at collapse of Napoleon). "Imperial Restoration" of Empire by Justinian, A.D. 554. He recognized the supremacy of this worlds Christianity
5th Horn 2nd of remaining 7 horns 2nd Head ridden by woman

3rd of the 8th system of v.11 

Frankinsh Kingdom began 774 A.D. Charlemagne crowned A.D. 800
6th Horn 3rd of remaining 7 horns 3rd Head ridden by woman

4th of the 8th system of v.11 

Holy Roman Empire (German Head) Otto the Great Crowned 962 A.D
7th Horn 4th of remaining 7 horns 4th Head ridden by woman

5th of the 8th system of v.11 

Habsburg dynasty (Austrian Head) Charles V crowned 1530
8th Horn 5th of remaining 7 horns 5th Head ridden by woman

6th of the 8th system of v.11 

Napoleon's Kingdom (French Head) crowned 1804
In 1814, just 1260 years after "Deadly wound" was Healed, the "Holy Roman Empire" was dissolved. So closed the Government that dated from Augustus Ceasare" (West, p.377).
The Feet "Part of Potter's Clay" & Part "Iron" (Dan 2:41) 9th Horn Pope Pius XI and Mussolini signed the conciliatory Lateran Treaty,   6th of remaining 7 horns   6th Head ridden by woman

7th of the 8th system of v.11 

The Mountain hit its PEAK during the time of Hitler and Mussolini

Now it’s on the downward slide with the EU ALLIANCE
("One Is" Rev 17:10)

"Potter's Clay" represents the House of Israel (Jer 18:6). Modern day USA & British. "Iron" the Roman Empire

Italy united under Garibaldi, and Germany under William I King of Prussia. Peaked in the Hitler-Mussolini axis 1870-1945. NATO Allies & the EU for the Kingdom "shall be divided" (Dan 2:41)
The Ten Toes "Iron mixed with Miry clay" (Dan 2:41-43). These ten "kings" shall be destroyed by Christ (vv.44-45) 10th Horn Pope will be part of church/state government in Europe 7th of remaining 7 horns Beast ascends out of the pit 7th head and ten horns; 8th system if Beast itself is 1st (v.11) & destroyed by Christ (vv.12-14)

8th of the 8th system of v.11  and "is of the seven"

(one is yet to come)  Revived Roman Empire led by Germany at the helm of Ten nations & an alliance (marriage) with Catholic Church & the “miry clay” (seed of men).