A Jewish correspondent, Leslie Dale writes on why Jews and Christians have common cause for concern as Islam spreads across Europe.

It is the perceived wisdom, one which the BNP obviously shares that it is the existence of the State of Israel which is primarily responsible for the lamentable state the world is in right now but I put it to you that even if the United States joins Eurabia (a.k.a. the European Union) in neatly gift-wrapping that 'shitty little nation" as one French diplomat so elegantly put it (it doesn't seem to have done his career any harm), and, in order to appease the unappeasable hands it over to Islam "with love from the West" the slaughter of five million Jews with not assuage Islam's rage, it will merely whet their appetite.

Consider this: These past 50 odd years the West has been on the defensive trying (ineffectually) to keep Islam at bay and Islam has been on the offensive their declared aim being to convert by armed force the infidels except the Jews whose eradication from this planet has been pronounced (save young Jewish maidens destined to be parceled out to the harems of the faithful).

It was in 1915 that the Caliphate (aka the Ottoman Empire) decided to exterminate her Christian-Armeni­an subjects and, incidentally showed their Germans allies the proper way to conduct genocide; and it was shortly after­wards that Turkey, now a secular republic expelled all the Greeks from Anatolia where they had been living since the days of the Greek city-states.

But Islam as a whole went on the offensive in 1947 when Britain (then still Great) abandoned her imperial responsibilities when she allowed India to slide into anarchy, 700,000(?) of her subjects brutally murdered and tens of millions driven from their homes in a state of beggary an act for which Mahatma ("give us chaos") Gandhi that apostle of non-violence, must share the moral responsibility with Lord Louis Mountbatten of Britain & Mohammed Ali Jinnah of the Muslim League and, incidentally, helping to usher in the first of the religious wars that are even now raging all over this planet and which finally came to American shores on Feb. 26th, 1993.

In all these religious wars, with the exception of Northern Ireland, Islam has been the aggressor.

One example of Islamic takover

One item amongst dozens should suffice. In the 1960s Islam exploded in both Indonesia as well as Malaysia in righteous wrath against the Zionist-Imperial Infidel, but as there were no Jews and very few Westerners to kill, the Chinese had to play the role of the victims and butchered they were in the tens of thousands, and should there be an encore if and when the U.S. makes its move against Iraq, the Chinese once more will be the victims.

In the Western world new mosques are going up every day; everywhere where Islam rules, the synagogues, some dating back to Babylonian times have already been shut down and such churches that are still open are on sufferance.

Equally, wherever Islam has seized power all the Jews have been expelled from territories where they have been living since Babylonian, in some cases Assyrian times, and such Westerners that are still there are either diplomats, journalists or Western renegades selling their expertise to Islam.

In the West, every major and many a minor university has at least one chair devoted to Islamic studies every one of which staffed by Islamic scholars. How many Islamic universities have departments of Western studies? And how many (if any) of them are staffed with Western scholars?

On September 11th when New York & Washington were successfully attacked, (dead: Islam 19, Infidels 3000) the Arab Street went delirious with joy and not just in the Middle East but also in all Islamic enclaves in Europe. And how did the West respond? The opinion- & decision-makers fell all over themselves in their haste to explain Islam to the infidels, to the point that His Holiness, the Pope, the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Britain went to the Mosques, and in effect, apologized for harboring uncharitable thoughts and assuring us (and more important themselves) what a loving and peaceful religion Islam is.

The only European statesman who dared to stand up to defend the values of the West, Silvio Berlusconi, prime minister of Italy, was made to grovel and also apologize to Islam.

Islam in Europe

Islam tried three times, Poitiers, 732, Vienna 1588 & 1683, to conquer Western Europe by force of arms and each time they were turned back—just. But now, there is no need for Islam to march for the third time on Vienna, nor burst once more across the Pyrenees for the enemy (is there a more appropriate term?) is already within the gates. Europe is and continues to be inundated by a tidal wave of asylum-demanders & illegal immigrants none of whom bother even for an instant to hide their venomous hatred of the West and all it stands for; and the governments of Europe are paralyzed by political-correctness, inertia or sheer moral cowardice to stop that invasion.

In France, a junior minister admitted, that the government is afraid that their local Muslim population may go on a jihad should France decide to join the United States in going to war with Iraq. For the time being, the French government tries to deflect the jihadists by throwing them their Jewish citizens, but it is only a matter of time before the holy warriors get tired of torching synagogues and kosher shops and turn their attention to churches (as happened once already in England) and wine & pork shops.

In Holland, Islam has achieved that critical mass of 10%--and a 10% minority full of passionate intensity & burning with fervor to spread the word can always achieve mastery over the apathetic 90% who have lost faith in their institutions and traditions; aided and abetted by Islam's useful idiots, the European intelligentsia (what a hateful Russian word) who in their relentless culture war against the West are doing invaluable service to ensure Islam's victory even at a risk of seeing their sons & daughters exhibited in the slave-marts of Araby. (Treason of the intellectuals?)

Islam in Britain

In Britain, what the Spanish, French & Germans tried to do and failed; Islam succeeded and did so with­out firing a shot. There are now places in Britain where the Queen's writ no longer runs but Sharia rules. This loss of sovereignty was amply demonstrated in 1988 when the ruling Ayatollah of Iran issued a death sentence against one Salmon Rushdie the author of the Satanic Verses. The Muslims of Britain made it quite clear that the pronouncement of an Iranian cleric took precedence over the laws of Britain (which goes some length to explain why Britain had to drop the 'Great' from its title), and just the other day, another prominent Muslim cleric, domiciled in England, advised Her Britannic Majesty's Govern­ment that, should Britain join the United States against Iraq he'll pronounce an anathema against the British realm in the full expectation that his fatwa will be obeyed (in less sophisticated societies this is known as treason),

And how has Europe (soon to be known as Eurabia) responded to these and other threats? There is now legislation pending in the European Parliament (might have already passed) that will make a letter like this a criminal offence both to the writer as well as to the recipient should the latter fail to alert the authorities. In Germany, the dominant power of the European Union, this is known as Anmeldepflicht.



What would have happened had Islam won the battle of Poitiers (and it was a dammed close thing)? Let Edward Gibbons (1737-1794 author of The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire tell it in his own inimitable way:

A victorious line of march had been prolonged above a thousand miles from the rock of Gibraltar to the banks of the Loire; the repetition of an equal space would have carried the Saracens to the confines of Poland and the Highlands of Scotland: the Rhine is not more impassable than the Nile or Euphrates, and the Arabian fleet might have sailed without a naval combat into the mouth of the Thames. Perhaps the interpretation of the Koran would now be taught in the schools of Oxford, and her pulpits might demonstrate to a circumcised people the sanctity and truth of the revelation of Mahomet.


If this writer and the BNP agree on no other subject, we both are puzzled by the point-blank refusal of Western Intellectuals to state the obvious fact that the West is immeasurably superior to Islam. Harmony in music / perspective in painting / painless surgery / the eradication of many diseases that had plagued mankind throughout the ages / the abolishment of slavery / the harnessing of electricity, of steam and oil / the principles of flight, of photography / household plumbing / telephone, television & the computer/ the list goes on and on. Further, the universal languages of the arts & sciences are: Latin, English French & German all Western tongues. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Islamic students go to Western universities in their tens of thousands, very few Westerners attend Islamic universities save for religious studies.