Why do we celebrate one heritage and desecrate another?

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By C. Anton Burnette

On 19 June 2005, I happened upon an odd sight. Next to the MacArthur Mall, in Norfolk, VA, a stage was erected. What grabbed my attention about this event was that a Confederate Battle Flag was hanging on the stage. It was an odd sight. The Southern Cross has been maligned to the point that I was shocked that someone was proudly displaying it. It seemed my initial thoughts were in vain.

I, a white Southern male, had walked into the “Juneteenth” celebration. (I would later learn that Juneteenth was to commemorate the day the last slaves in the country received word of their freedom.) What I saw played out on the stage shocked and angered me. Nine historical anti-slavery activists debated between themselves and a museum curator on whether to burn the Confederate flag or not. After about 45 minutes of dialogue the characters ripped apart a paper replica of the flag and threw it to the ground.

The thought that came to my mind initially was “what hypocrisy.” Everyone today loves to preach diversity and multiculturalism, but when the rubber meets the road, those are only code words for anti-white hatred. We can have rallies, demonstrations, and holidays celebrating non-white cultures, but anything remotely associated with white history or white culture is deemed racism and bigotry. You can only guess what the media, the churches, and our government would have said if a group of whites ripped apart an African-American flag, the Mexican flag, or the Israeli flag.

This anti-white attitude is promoted through the public schools, the media, and many of the churches. White history today does not speak of our accomplishments or our great civilizations. It is simply a guilt trip about how “we” killed the Indians (oh sorry, Native Americans), how “we” owned slaves, and how “we” are racists who are trying to keep everyone else down. Our heritage is being distorted for the purpose of furthering this white guilt. Whites are trained from childhood to despise their heritage and the heroes of their history.

I sat back and did not say anything when jokes were cracked about “blondes.” Even though I knew that these were anti-white jokes. I sat in silence when the “redneck” joke craze poked fun at whites. When I told people that I was from Tennessee, I sat calmly by as the flood of jokes of trailer park trash, marrying cousins, and having no teeth came pouring in. As they mocked my kith and kin, I said nothing.

After viewing the Southern Cross torn and thrown to the ground, I reached the end of my rope. I will not remain in silence. I will act. If whites, especially Southerners, sit by and allow our heritage to be mocked and run to the ground, the people who will lose are our children. They deserve to know the truth. They deserve to know of the valiant Christian warriors who would not bow to Northern Federal aggression. It is only fitting that this same weekend a monument set aside to commemorate Confederate soldiers was vandalized as well. It is clear that our heritage is under attack.

If the Confederate flag offends you, you do not need to commit acts of hate against the symbols of our heritage. You need a good history lesson.

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