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USA & British Commonwealth in Prophecy

(Lost Tribes chart)  Map 2               

Middle East in Prophecy  (The War on Terrorism) 

Daniel's 70 weeks
The Rapture Here   Place of Safety Here Modern Weapons in the Bible
Who, What is the Beast? (Chart of the Beast)
Germany in Prophecy Russia in Prophecy
China in Prophecy Who, What is God
Life after Death? The Throne of David (Britain's Royal Throne)
Beware of False Prophets David's Throne Chart    Chart 2   Chart 3 & Crest
Serbs and Croats in Prophecy

The Purpose of Human Life

The Purpose of Human Life Can a Christian Lose Salvation?
The Saving Works of God (God's Law to be Saved?) What is the Gospel?
British Colonialism Is Christmas Christian?
Is Easter Christian? Japan in Prophecy
Judgment of the Nations British-Israel Answers critics
Chart of the Book of Revelation (jpg) History of the Church of God
Which Day is the Christian Sabbath? Why Does God Allow Suffering?
Resurrection Articles Is There Really A Hell Fire?
Is Now the Only Day of Salvation? Colossians 2:16-17 really says?
Christ's Sabbath Resurrection PDF Here;  Arguments answered defending the Sabbath Resurrection Here
What does 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 mean?

History of the Resurrection on Saturday

Is Psalm 83 a Prophecy?

Passover is it for Christians?

Church Eras; Is it Biblical? Where is the True Church of God? Here & Here
Dating & Arranging Ezekiel's book What is the Work of the Watchman? Here & Here
Riots in Europe, Why? Here & Here Plain Truth About Islam
Questions & Answers Bible Study Course
USA Debt Clock Who, or What is "Antichrist?"
Who are the 144,000? The Two Witnesses Here
Jerusalem in Prophecy Sabbath Keepers Refuted Website Refuted
Inside the book of Revelation What is the unpardonable Sin?
Is Baptism Required for Salvation? Grace in the Old Testament Here & Here
Are we a cult? Here & Here Did Jesus contradict the "eye for an eye law? Here & Here
What is the Ministration of Death? Here & Here Keeping the Sabbath day Holy Here
Statement of Beliefs of BICOG Introduction to Prophecy Here
Ukrainian Crisis in Prophecy Here & Here Who is the True Comforter Jesus or Holy Spirit?
What does it mean "Thus says the Holy Spirit? Here Why do Christians Suffer? Here
Paul women & the Church Here Preservation of the Bible Here
Proof of the Bible Here Christ the "end of the law"? Here
Sabbath in Genesis here What does Genesis really mean? Here
Should Christians Tithe Here Babylon; Past and Future might Here
This is the BICOG Here The Seething Pot of Europe Here
Who Wrote the Book of Genesis? Simon Magus & his Universal Church Here
Satan's Greatest Deception Here What is Real Faith? here
Is Sex a Sin? here  (download only) Who is the Elijah to come? Here
Luke 16:16 & Matt11:12-13 explained here Lazarus & the rich man here (download only)

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