British-Israel's Bible Study Course

Lesson Six

1. In what two resurrections did Christ say the dead will be raised? John 5:28, 29 (NT 87 [67]) "They that have done good, unto the ____________________________________________________________________"

"They that have done evil, unto the ___________________________________________________"

2. When will the righteous dead be raised? 1 Thessalonians 4:16 (NT 181 [143]_____________________________

3. What does the Bible call the resurrection of the righteous? Revelation 20:6 (NT 224 [1771) ______________________________________________________________________________________________

4. What happens to the living righteous when Christ comes? 1 Thessalonians 4:17 (NT 181 [143] )_____________________________________________________________________________________________

5. When will the wicked people be resurrected? Revelation 20:5 (NT 224 [177] )_________________________

We noticed that the millennium is bound by two resurrections-that of the righteous at the beginning, and that of the wicked at the end. We also learned that the resurrection of the righteous takes place at the second coming of Christ. Therefore, it follows that the millennium will begin at Christ's second coming and consists of the thousand years immediately following it.

1. What will the righteous people be doing on earth during the millennium? Revelation 20:4,6 (NT 224 [177] ); 1 Corinthians 6:1-3 (NT 150 [117] ); Jude 6 (NT 211 [167] Daniel 7:10 (OT )__________________________________________________________________________________________

 During the millennium you will be able to see just how God handled his case and the cases of all others. God allows a thousand years for this work. He will run no risk of having a single doubt in anyone's mind about His work for fallen man, and so He even permits the saved to participate in the judgment of those who are not saved. Every question will be answered; no one will ever have reason to doubt God's justice and mercy. This is the time of Judgement of those who are  "left of all the nations" (Zech 14;16), who did not die during God's wrath.

1. What Happens to Satan at the beginning of the the Millennial reign of Christ  Revelation 20:1-2 NT___________________________________________________________________________________

2. Because Satan is bound, what is he unable to do during the millennium? Revelation 20:3 (NT 224 [177]) "That he should _________________________________________no more."

Thought question: Do you think the chain with which Satan is bound is literal or figurative? (For a clue see Jude 6, NT 211 [167] and 2 Peter 2:4, NT 206 [163] .) ____________________Why? ____________________________________

1. When will the wicked dead be resurrected? Revelation 20:5______________________________________________

Judgement starts "___________________________" 1 Peter 4:17 (NT). If it starts with the Church of God in this Life, then this will be the time of Judgement for all people in the second resurrection. Their time for salvation. Their time for the "________________ of the Lord (1 Corinthians 11:32 (NT).

2. When will Satan be loosed out of his prison? Revelation 20:7 (NT 224 [177] )_______________________________

3. How does the city of God get to this earth? Revelation 21:2, 3 (NT 225 [ 178] )______________________________


With the resurrection of the wicked, Satan is "loosed." Once again he has someone to deceive. The people of the world not called be God will get the same exact opportunity to be saved under the same conditions, with Satan in the world. But there is an advantage. The saints and Jesus himself will be on this earth to teach and preach to the world the truth of God (Revelation 20:11-12 (NT).

In the meantime the Holy City descends from heaven. What a spectacular sight a city the size of Oregon slowly coming down through the vaults of heaven (Revelation 21:16, NT 225 [178] )! One of the Old Testament prophets was given a glimpse of this fantastic event (Zechariah 14:3-5, 10, OT 743 [580] ). Apparently Jesus Himself precedes the city, and as His feet touch the Mount of Olives-the very spot from which He ascended 20 centuries before-the mountain splits down the middle, spreading out into one vast plain to form a special landing strip for the Holy City. When Jesus comes the second time, He comes for the saints, and meets them "in the air" (1 Thessalonians 4:17, NT 181 [143] ).

4. How does Satan show that he has not changed during the millennium? Revelation 20:8, 9 (NT 224 [1771 )_______

5. What is the outcome of the desperate attempt of Satan and his followers to take the City of God? (verses 9, 14, 15)_________________________________________________________________________________________________

This is the last act in the great struggle between Christ and Satan. Here before the Holy City the whole human race is gathered together for the last and only time-the righteous sheltered within those beautiful jasper walls; the wicked, countless "as the sand of the sea," spread out in battle formation as far as the eye can see, around its glorious heights. Here the eternal separation of the righteous from the wicked takes place, for when God rains down fire from heaven, all who have rebelled against His ways, including Satan and the evil angels, experience what the Bible calls the "second death."

Thought question: Why do you suppose this is called the "second" death, and how does it differ from the "first" death? (Compare Hebrews 9:27, NT 195 [154].)_________________________________________________________

6. What effect does this fire have upon the earth? 2 Peter 3:10 (NT 207 [1631)_______________________________

7. Who is to have the privilege of inhabiting this new earth? Revelation 21:27 (NT 225 [1781)__________________


Are you written in the lamb book of life so you can enjoy eternity with God and King, Jesus Christ?

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