British-Israel's Bible Study Course

Lesson Seven

EZEKIEL 28:12-17 (OT 674 [5251 );REVELATION 12:7-9 (NT 219 [1731)

In our last study we read of Satan and the recently resurrected wicked surrounding the New Jerusalem, at which time they were destroyed in the lake of fire. We also learned that not until the close of the millennium is this earth finally rid of sin and sinners.
In many circles today the devil has been voted out of existence. Satan is equated with evil thoughts or some superstitious carry-over from a medieval fable (you know-a hideous looking creature with hoofs and horns and a pitchfork!). Today we will learn that Christ and the prophets believed in the existence of an evil being. In the Bible he is called the devil, Satan, the prince of this world, the deceiver, or the serpent. You may have wondered how the devil originated and why God hasn't destroyed him? The Word of God tells the truth about Satan.

1. With whom did sin originate? 1 John 3:8 (NT 209 [165] )
When Adam and Eve sinned, it was the beginning of trouble for this planet. The real "beginning" mentioned in this verse, however, was sometime prior to our first parents' encounter with evil, and took place in heaven.

2. Who was the enemy that sowed evil where God had sown only good seed? Matthew 13:24-30, 37-40 (NT 14 [101)


All of the discord, sadness, sickness, death, and sin are the result of the work of the enemy of God. God does not tempt anyone. "Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man" (James 1:13, NT 199 [157] ).

3. Where did Satan come from? Luke 10:18 (NT 64 [49] )_________________________________________________
4. What kind of being was he? Ezekiel 28:14, 15 (OT 674 (525] )"Thou art the_________________________________

"Thou wast ____________________________in thy ways from the day that thou wast till iniquity was found in thee."

The "cherub that covereth" is a description of the angel that stood next to the throne of God in heaven (Psalm 80:1, OT 496 [384). We can only conclude that this angel was one of the most honored of all created beings.

5. What led to Lucifer's sin and rebellion? Ezekiel 28:17 (OT 674 [525] )_____________________________________

Lucifer was Satan's name before he rebelled. Little by little he began to indulge the desire for greatness. Although all his glory was from God, this mighty angel began to give himself credit for it. Not content with his position-probably the highest one in all heaven except for God Himself-he soon found himself coveting homage due alone to the Creator. The high honors God had conferred upon him were not appreciated. He began to glory in his own brightness and beauty, and aspired to be as great as God.

6. What goal did Satan set for himself? Isaiah 14:12-14 (OT 561 [436] )_____________________________________

Lucifer actually had the audacity to challenge God's government itself, reflecting on the motives and character of God! In effect, he was plotting to take over the reigns of the universe, to usurp the powers of the Almighty God.

1. When the rebellion led by Satan reached a crisis, what happened? Revelation 12:7-9 (NT 219 [173] )__________


War in heaven! All the peace and harmony gone! Certainly it must have been most unpleasant. Had God permitted Satan and the angels who sympathized with him to continue their rebellion, peace could never again have been possible-not only in heaven, but also throughout the entire universe. At this juncture God could easily have eliminated Satan and all his rebellious angels in one blinding flash. Had He done this, however, the other angels, as well as all the inhabitants of other worlds, would have served and obeyed Him out of fear-only because they were afraid they, too, would be destroyed if they did not obey. God wants our allegiance because we love Him. For this reason He allowed sin to run its course, to demonstrate to the whole universe the consequences of rebellion and disobedience, and to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt God's unchanging character and the nature of love.

2. After he was expelled from heaven, whom did Satan seek to deceive? Genesis 3:1-6 (OT 10 [2] )____________-


No longer free to stir up rebellion in heaven, Satan's hatred against God found a new field of operation in plotting the ruin of the human race. God had seen fit to lay upon Adam and Eve but one prohibition as a test of their loyalty and obedience. Satan waited for an opportunity to plant in their minds seeds of doubt about their Creator. Although Satan had done nothing for their happiness and well being, while God had given them everything that was good for food and pleasant to the sight, Adam and Eve chose to believe the words of a serpent (or so they believed him to be), rather than those of their Creator. Everywhere the eye rested was abundance and beauty. Yet in the midst of this natural affluence, they began to wonder if God was holding out on them.

3. As a result of man's fall, what does Satan claim as his? Luke 4:5, 6 (NT 55 [42] )___________________________

God Himself had appointed Adam the governor of this world-its king, its ruler (Genesis 1:28, OT 9 [1] ). As soon as Adam was overcome, the dominion of this planet was claimed by the deceiver. Read of the council held in heaven and Satan's claim that he was in charge of this world (Job 1:6-8, OT 442 [3421).

4. Who brings suffering and trouble upon mankind? Job 2:7 (OT 443 [3421 ); Luke 13:16 (NT 68 [531 )_________

_____________ In the next lesson we will study further the problem of sin and suffering.

5. Why does the devil work so viciously now? Revelation 12:12 (NT 219 [1731)_______________________________

6. How will Satan finally be dealt with by God? Revelation 20:10(NT)________________________________________

Let us recapitulate the twelve great facts we have learned about Satan, the devil:

1. We are dealing with an intelligent being who was once in heaven.
2. His name was Lucifer.
3. He held what was probably the highest position an angel could hold in heaven.
 4. He was perfect until he rebelled.
5. He was not satisfied with his status and position.
6. He wanted the position that belonged to God.
7. Pride was the spark that ignited his spirit of rebellion.
8. War broke out in heaven and Lucifer and his angels were expelled.
9. This same Lucifer-now called Satan-transferred his field of operations to our
planet-to the Garden of Eden.
10. It was to him Adam and Eve sold out when they disobeyed God.
11. Satan is still working against God-in fact, with more determination than ever.
12. This wicked being will one day be tossed into the lake of fire will he will tormented forever.
1. How does Satan now attempt to disguise himself and his activities? 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 (NT 164 [1291 )____________
What a sacrilege! What does Satan have to do with religion? The truth is, he has become a master at counterfeiting everything that God has commanded or made. We have already seen how he has subtly counterfeited the great truth of Christ's second coming. It matters not to him how man is deceived; as long as Satan can prevent him from knowing truth, it serves his purposes. He mixes in just enough deception to get men to worship him while thinking they are worshiping God.
2. What is man's only defense against the devil's deceptions? Ephesians 6:11-17 (NT 173 [1361)_____________
What a God we have to provide such abundant means for successful warfare against the evil one. The Bible is the armory where we may equip ourselves for the struggle. Note the six essential parts of this armor: (1) our loins must be girt about with truth; (2) our breastplate is righteousness; (3) in our hand must be the shield of faith; (4) on our brow must rest the helmet of salvation; (5) our feet must be shod with the gospel of peace; and (6) with the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God, we are to cut our way through the obstructions and entanglements of sin.

3. How only can we gain the victory over this evil angel? Revelation 12:10, 11 (NT 219 [1731)___________________


This great imposter who swayed a third of the angels of heaven by his false logic and cunning sophistry, is certainly more than a match for us. We are safe only as we trust in  God's power, which we may receive through Jesus Christ. In all of Satan's ranks there is not enough power to overcome one soul who casts himself in simple trust at the feet of Jesus. Isaiah 40:29 (OT 578 [4491) says, "He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might He increaseth strength."

4. How did Christ earn the right to finally destroy the devil? Hebrews 2:14 (NT 191 [1511);1 John 3:8 (NT 209 [1651)_________________________________________________________________________________________

During His ministry on this earth, Christ was constantly harassed by the devil. Satan dogged His footsteps, continually trying to destroy the Saviour before He accomplished His mission. When Jesus was but a babe, Satan-through Herod-had all the male children under the age of two years put to death in a frantic effort to get rid of the Saviour. But God warned Joseph, who took Mary and Jesus to Egypt until the danger was over.
After His baptism Christ was led into the wilderness for a time to be tempted by Satan. Here the devil tempted Jesus on the very points which Adam and Eve had failed. Each temptation was met with a quotation from the Scriptures. Satan finally fled at the command of the Lord.

On several other occasions Satan tried to kill Christ by inciting a riot on the part of
the Jewish rulers, but each time Jesus was protected. Finally, however, Satan managed to still the voice of truth and life and love by having Jesus put to death by crucifixion. How he must have exulted when he saw Jesus draw His last labored breath there on the cross. Then Satan tried to keep our Lord in the tomb forever. A guard was stationed at the entrance. A Roman seal was placed upon it to keep anyone from opening it. But Roman guards and Roman seals were powerless to confine the Lord of life within the tomb!

When Satan saw that the Lord had taken up His life again, he knew that his doom was sealed. Since that time, furious with defeat, he has zeroed in on Christ's followers in an all-out effort to keep Christ from the rightful fruits of His victory. No longer can he influence any of the faithful angels, so he goes about as a "roaring lion" seeking to destroy as many of God's children as possible (1 Peter 5:8, NT 205 [1621). This is the only way that he can now bring pain to the heart of God.


The truth is, Planet Earth has been hijacked, and every man, woman and child on it is held hostage. Relentlessly the head terrorist and his co-laborers have pursued every possible advantage. But one day soon there will be a confrontation in the cockpit, and every hostage willing to be released will be rescued.

The conflict is not yet over. Every day individuals are choosing sides. But one of these days-very soon now-the Commander-in-Chief of the loyal ones will descend the blazing skies in His great rescue operation. Will He find us with arms outstretched to meet Him, or will we be flying the hijacker's flag? Wouldn't it be a tragedy to become comfortable with the hijacker or identify with his cause in an hour so critical as this?

Oh, may we keep our powers of discernment keen, refusing to compromise with the clever disguises and ruses of Satan, or be allured by his false promises, and fiercely maintaining to the very end our loyalty to our Maker.

Thought question: How do you feel about this? Is it your desire to declare unyielding loyalty to God in this great battle that is being waged on this earth? ______________________________________________________

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