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Who wrote the Book of Genesis?

  1.  A Migration Headache...for Evolutionists  
  2. Evolution...The BIG LIE of Atheists And Agnostics
  3. Piltdown Man Hoax
  4. Why the Epidemic of Fraud in Science today?
  5. Scientists Behaving Badly
  6. Nebraska Man Hoax
  7. Mathematics and Evolution
  8. Pagan Origins of Evolution
  9. The Thoroughly Debatable Darwinian Theory of Evolution

  10. List of Scientists who do not agree with the theory of Evolution by Discovery Institute in 2001 Here
  11. Orce Man Hoax Here
  12. Earnst Haeckels evolution embryo fraud. Here
  13. What Science Spokesmen are not telling you Here 
  14. Darwin's Monkey Business-William Gairdner
  15. Junk Science-William Gairdner
  16. Quantum Mechanics an "embarrassment" to Science
  17. Ape & Man; More differences than Similarities
  18. Evolutionís Achillesí Heels.
  19. Evolutionists Mistake on Human Embryology




Creation or Evolution
Does God Exist?
Garden of Eden
Evidence for Creation and the Flood (6th ed) by Dr. Walter Brown (BICOG does not agree with the dating of Dr. Brown, only with Noahchin Flood scenario put forth by him)
The Eye
The Stars are Closer than you think
Flood Myths prove the Flood of Noah
Question: Is anything superior to your mind?
What does Genesis 1 really mean? Here
Physical Life did it begin by chance?
Our Awesome Universe
Evidence of a "break" in civilization due to the flood
How could Noah build the ark by himself?
The Wickedness of the Pre-Flood World
Is There a Gap Between Genesis One Verse 1 and 2?
Does Genesis 1:12 and Gen 2:5 Contradict?

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