British-Israel's Bible Study Course

Lesson Four

The King is Coming

SCRIPTURE READING: 1 THESSALONIANS 4:13 TO 5:11 (NT 181 [142, 143] )

The second coming of Jesus is the greatest theme in the Word of God. It is referred to 380 times in the New Testament, an average of one verse in every 25. Thus we can see the importance Heaven places upon this subject. Down through the ages this has been the hope of the people of God.

Martin Luther wrote, "I ardently hope that, amidst these internal dissensions on the earth, Jesus Christ will hasten the day of his coming." Calvin, Knox and Wesley all longed for Christ to return. It was John Milton who sublimely wrote, "Come forth out of thy royal chambers, Prince of all the kings of the earth; ...take upthat unlimited scepter. For now the voice of thy bride calls thee, and all creatures sigh to be renewed."

Then followed the age of science and enlightenment. At last we were headed for utopia! No difficulties or problems were too difficult for science and man to solve! But time has shattered that dream. Today man searches frantically for ways to save mankind from self-destruction. Considering how we have polluted the earth-smog and radiation contaminating the atmosphere, wastes devastating streams and rivers, cement and steel replacing forest and plain, pesticides leading to a silent springtime-this anxiety is understandable. And when we remember the thousands of multimegaton warheads poised on launching pads around the world, we can sympathize with the playwright whose production made headlines on Broadway some years back: "Stop the World. I Want to Get Off!" No wonder theologians, scientists, and statesmen-and even some who once scoffed-are taking a new look at the possibility of Christ returning, and many are openly calling it the only hope of man.

Is there solid evidence on which to base such a hope? Will Christ really return to Planet Earth? Could this be the way a new and better kingdom will be ushered in? What does the Bible tell us?


The Testimony of Jesus Himself

1. In what four words did Christ positively promise to return for His people? John 14:2, 3 (NT 97 [761) _____________________________________

2. While under oath at His trial, what promise did Christ make? Matthew 26:64 (NT 29 [211])_____________________________________________

For centuries the people of God awaited the fulfillment of the promises concerning Christ's first coming as the Messiah. Then came the wonderful day when heavenly messengers announced: "Unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord" (Luke 2:11, NT 52 [40] ). Just as surely as the promises of God were fulfilled in the first advent of Jesus to this world, just so surely will be those pertaining to His second advent. We can rely upon the word of Christ. Our eternal future is secure when it rests upon the promises of His word. Jesus Himself said, "I will come again," and His promise, made under oath, can be depended upon-He will come again! That will be the most wonderful day in all history!

His Promise Confirmed by Angels

3. What encouraging promise did the angels, sent to comfort the sorrowing disciples as Jesus was taken away from them, make to them? Acts 1:9-11 (NT 105 [82] )______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


1. In what way did the angels say Christ will return to this earth? Acts 1:9-11________________________________________________________

A Visible Coming

2. How many will see Christ return? Revelation 1:7 (NT 212 [168] )____________________________________________________________

No one will need to tell you when Jesus returns. You won't need to read it in the newspaper or hear it on television; you will see Him coming. And so will everyone else.

An Audible Coming

3. What great sounds occur at Christ's coming? 1 Thessalonians 4:16 (NT 181 [1431) "The Lord himself shall descend ... with a______________, with the_____________________________, and with the__________________________________, This shout is so penetrating that it awakens the righteous dead! Surely there is nothing secret or quiet about this. Jesus came to earth the first time rather quietly. Not so the second time!

A Glorious Coming

4. How dazzling will be Christ's coming? Matthew 24:27 (NT 26 [19] )__________________________________________________________

5. Whose glory will add to this splendor? Luke 9:26 (NT 62 [48] )______________________________________________________________

6. Who else will accompany Christ at His coming? Matthew 25:31 (NT 27 [20] )__________________________________________________

When one angel rolled back the stone from Christ's tomb, the Roman soldiers became as dead men, dazed by the angel's countenance which was "like lightening" (Matthew 28:2, 3, NT 31 [231). Think of the splendor of "ten thousand times ten thousands and thousands of thousands" of angels coming with Christ! (Revelation 5:11, NT 215 [170] ). Indeed, He will come "with power and great glory" (Luke 21:27, NT 77 [59] ).

A Dramatic Coming

7. What thrilling event occurs as Christ returns? 1 Corinthians 15:52 (NT 157 [1241)___________________________________________________

8. What will the angels do as Christ appears? Matthew 24:30,31 (NT 26 [191)_______________________________________________________

How appropriate that the angels who have ministered to the "heirs of salvation" (Hebrews 1:14, NT 191 [1511 ) should participate in Christ's second coming. We shall then see these angels face to face!

9. What will happen to the righteous living at Christ's appearing? 1 Thessalonians 4:17 (NT 181 [1431 ) _________________________________

What a day that will be! What a reunion! Friends and families reunited! Little children who have been snatched away by death now placed in their mothers' arms! The lame walking! The blind seeing! The tired and weary now possessing the vigor of eternal youth! And best of all, seeing Jesus face to face! What a day!

10. What will the wicked living be doing at this time? Revelation 6:15-17 (NT 216 [1711]_____________________________________________

They pray, but it is too late. They hide themselves and cry for the rocks and mountains to fall on them for they are subject to the wrath of the Lamb.

11. What will happen to the wicked? 2 Thessalonians 2:8 (NT 182 [1441)______________________________________________________________

12. What happens to the mountains and islands at Christ's second coming? Revelation 6:14 (NT 216 [1711) __________________________________

Thus we have seen that this dramatic event will accomplish several things: (1) the righteous dead will be raised; (2) the righteous living will be caught up with the resurrected dead and will be given glorious new bodies "fashioned like unto his glorious body"! (Philippians 3:20, 21, NT 176 [1381 ); (3) all the living wicked people will be destroyed who do not repent!

An Unexpected Coming

13. Who only knows when Christ is coming? Matthew 24:36 (NT 26 [191) _______________________________________________________

14. Because of this, what counsel are we given? (verse 44) "Therefore be ye also for in such an hour as ye the Son of man cometh."_____________


In the clearest language possible Jesus taught that His coming would be open, personal, literal, and visible, and that good and bad alike would see Him come. He was to come as a "thief in the night" only in the sense that none would know the day and hour, and multitudes would be unprepared. 


Dwight Moody once said, "The Church has had very little to say about it '(the second coming) . Now, I can see a reason for this; the devil does not want us to see this truth, for nothing would wake up the Church so much."

1. According to Christ, who will do great signs and wonders just before the second coming? Matthew 24:24 (NT 25 [19] )________________________


2. What specific instructions did Christ give us with which to meet these deceptions? (verses 25-27) "Behold, I have ___________________________

Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert________________________________, behold, he is in the secret chambers;__________________."

Suppose that some morning you hear that Christ has returned and is working miracles in Chicago. And you follow the crowds and see the spaceship that brought him and you press close to see the miracles. This being looks like Christ and even sounds like Christ! The bands play, the music sounds, and you feel the hypnotic beat of the drum, and the crowd bows down, and-you bow down!

But it isn't Christ at all, and you've worshiped the wrong god by mistake. Why, because as we have learned, Jesus comes and ALL people will see him, not just in one specific place. "For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." (Matthew 24:27). What "light" goes east and west every single day and the whole world sees? The sun. It will be like the sun. Jesus is called the 'light of the world." The "Sun of Righteousness" His face "shines like the sun." Picture the sun in its full strength coming to the earth, this is the second coming of Christ.


1. What advice does Jesus give to His followers since they cannot know the exact time of His return? (verse 42) __________________________


2. What other specific dangers does Jesus warn us about? Luke 21:34-36 (NT 77 [59-60]_______________________________________


Surfeiting means an intemperate indulgence in something (such as food or drink). In the accelerated pace of our time, this warning is especially relevant. How easy it is to allow the cares of this world, the details of everyday living, to crowd out time for Bible study and fellowship with our Saviour. And the age of affluence makes overindulgence almost a life style. How sad it would be to miss out on the greatest event of all. If Jesus is coming back, and coming soon, what else really matters?

3. How may we prepare for Jesus' coming? 2 Peter 3:9-14, 18 (NT 207 [163, 164] )_____________________________________________________

4. What will all who hope for the second coming do? 1 John 3:2,3 (NT 208 [165] )_

You you be righteous pure and ready for the coming of Jesus? God willing you are!

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