COG Theology: (Gods Holy Days)
null Are they to be kept today?

null Atonement and Your Future!

null Atonement in God's Master Plan!

null Feast of Tabernacles teaches!

null Feast of Trumpets! Your Future!

null Hebrew Calendar and Postponements.

null Hebrew Sanctuary Plan of Salvation?

null Holy Day Calendar, Part 1.

null Holy Day Calendar, Part 2.

null Holy Day Calendar, Part 3.

null Passover; Service in the Church!

null Passover; Is it for Christians?

null Passover; Preparation for!

null Pentecost; Begins a Spiritual Creation!

null Sacred Calendar; The Biblical Basis.

null Where Did they Come From?

null Feast of Tabernacles; All about it!

null Feast of Trumpets!

null Passover; Chart of Leaven & Leavening Agents.

null Passover; Is it for Christians?

null Pentecost; A Spiritual Creation!

null Were they observed in Genesis?

null Feast of Tabernacles; The Meaning!

null Feast of Trumpets; The Meaning!

null God's Festivals in Galatians 4:9!

null Last Great Day's Meaning!

null Passover Announcement from the BICOG!

null Passover Part 1: Jesus Resurrection on Sabbath?

null Passover Part 2: The Lord's Supper?

null Passover Part 3: Is it Just for the Jews?

null Passover Part 4: Mark 16:1 vs. Luke 23:56?

null Passover Part 5: Acts 12:4 Easter or Passover?

null Passover Video Service for 2020!