Who is Peter Salemi?

Peter Salemi is the President of the organization called the British-Israel Church of God (BICOG). He is host of the Watchman Program on You Tube.

Peter Salemi is a Canadian Born citizen, son of Italian immigrants that came to Canada in the 1960's. Born April 18th, 1969. Raised in a typical Italian home with two other siblings and practicing Roman Catholics.

Peter Salemi is married with two children.

Peter Salemi was exposed to the truth of God when he was a young teen. His earliest recollection of the seed (the word of God) being planted in his mind was through the World Tomorrow broadcast in 1982. Many other seeds were planted throughout his teen life that directly influenced his decision to begin to follow Jesus Christ.

Then in the late 80’s early 90’s he began to watch Garner Ted Armstrong’s program, and God really began to reveal the truth to Mr. Salemi. God was certainly calling him into his church. He began to understand through Ted Armstrong’s broadcast the truth of God. This went on for at least 3 to 4 years of watching the program. During that time Peter Salemi immersed himself in the study of the Bible, history, philosophy and Politics till this day.

Then the day came when Mr. Salemi made the decision to start attending the Church of God International in 1992. He was then Baptized in 1993. He attended the Toronto congregation till around 1997 then the church split due to internal problems at head office which of course affected the entire church. Mr. Salemi  started worshipping at home on the Sabbath. A long 3 years passed. God seemed silent, and not working in his life the way he did when he attended the Church of God International. Then something stirred inside of Mr. Salemi. He realized that he had to find a way to serve God the best way he could. He decided to do a work on the then emerging internet.

So Mr. Salemi decided to build a website. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, he began to write booklets, and broadcast videos preaching the Gospel and the truths of God. At one point he did a live radio broadcast on internet radio. The then internet radio program was given up for the now Watchman Program on You Tube.

The Message

The Watchman Program is the vehicle Peter Salemi uses to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. A witness and warning message to the nations of Israel following the instructions God gave to Ezekiel of the Watchman work to the House of Israel. Also, the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom- the good news that Jesus Christ will set up his kingdom on earth; the program is an advanced announcement of that coming kingdom.

Materials studied over 25 years

These are just some of the many materials Peter Salemi has studied over the Years of his Christian life.

The Bible-King James; New King James; NIV; Moffat; Ferrar Fenton; NRSV; Young's Literal Translation; God's Word Translation; Septuagint; NASB; CEV; Philips New Test;

Biblical Commentaries-Expositor's Bible Commentary; Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible, (Robert Jamieson, A. R. Fausset and David Brown);  John Gill's Commentary; Albert Barnes's Notes; A Commentary on the New Testament From the Talmud and Hebraica by John Lightfoot; People's New Testament; Robertson's Word Pictures; Bullinger's Companion Bible; F.F. Bruce International Bible Commentary; Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible;  Seventh-Day Adventist Commentary; Pulpit Commentary; Peake's Commentary; Halley's Bible Handbook; Unger's Bible Handbook; Holman Bible Handbook & Dictionary; Ante-Nicene, Nicene and Post-Nicene; Adam Clarke's Commentary; Talmud; A Harmony of the Gospels A.T. Robertson; Vine's Expository Dictionary; New Bible Commentary; Gaebelein Bible Commentary;

Historical works-Herodotus, Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah Edersheim; The Bible as History Werner Keller; The Complete Works of Josephus; Philo; Our Empire Story; The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel...Found by Collins; The Tribes Yair Davidy; America B.C. B. Fell; The Sabbath in Scripture and History K. Strand; David Rohl books (see hereThe Rise and Fall of the British Empire L. James; The Raj L. James; "Waging War from Canada" by Mike Pearson; Politically Incorrect guide to American History by Thomas Woods; Church History in Plain Language by Bruce Shelly;

Other Religious works-The book of Mormon; the Koran; Jehovah's Witnesses material; The Talmud Here

Theological Works-All Church of God Material (see here and here); Ambassador College course (see here); Church of God International Material; A Ready Defense J. MacDowell; Evidence that Demand a Verdict vol. 1 &2   J. MacDowell; When Skeptic Ask Geisler; When Critics Ask Geisler; Samuele Bacchiocchi Material (see Here); The Two Babylon's Hislop; The Trinity R. Morey; Evidence for Christianity,  J. MacDowell; Case of Jesus B. Pitrie; The Fire that Consumes E. Fudge; Case for Christ Strobel; Kingdom of the Cults W. Martin; The Genesis Flood by Whitcomb and Morris; Islamic Invasion R. Morey

Political Works- The War Against the Family W. Gairdner; Under the Influence Schmidt; Why I am Not a Muslim Warraq; What so Great About America D'Souza; Adios America A. Coulter;  The Big Lies, D'Souza; Canada in Decay Ricardo Duchense

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