A Message from Peter Salemi

We here at BICOG need your help!

Greetings Friends! Due to the growing audience therefore the need to be efficient and up to date on what is happening in the world today. The burden has become too much for us to handle, and we need volunteers to help us with the work. This message goes out to all who have experience in the ministry, media and internet skills. We need people to help us in running the website, produce articles for Commonwealth Magazine, and we want to begin live streaming on YouTube and Periscope. This cannot be done with just 3 people. We need people with the skills and the time to help us in expanding the work and keeping it fresh and up to date. The news is coming in quicker than ever, and we just don't have the man power to handle it all.

If you want to help us, and have ideas to greatly expand this work please contact me by email at salemer1@gmail.com

Thank you and God Bless you


Peter Salemi