A Message from Peter Salemi...

Greetings Friends,

Well as I feared, the program will NOT be airing on Sunday due to us not having a C Number that we must get from the CRTC. 

We contacted the CRTC and of course got a voice mail saying that they will contact us in 10 business days. Then when we fill out all of the forms it will take 12 weeks for us to get the number for us to go on air (good old government efficiency even with the internet). 

We are sorry that we gave the date for the airing but this is what was told to us by the station manager; once we got the OK and the date we wanted to share it with our audience. As i said in the last email, they did NOT tell us about this C Number business til the end of last week.

We are truly sorry for this, but Bill and I neither have the time or the patience to deal with the CRTC at the moment. It is not like we have a team of people like the big churches of God that have the man power to deal with these things. So we are just going to put this on the back burner for now and see if we can do it in the future.

We are terribly sorry for this mix up

my apologies

P.S. Here is the 1st program we were going to air this Sunday it is now on you tube here 


God Bless you

Peter Salemi