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Manuscripts of the Bible: Links and Papers of Manuscript Evidence of the Bible

1.When Was the New Testament Written? An Interview with Carsten Theide
2. The Jesus Papyrus
3.Manuscript Support for the Bible's Reliability
4.Reliability of the New Testament
5.Manuscript Attestation For The New Testament
6.Is the Bible the Word of God? by Eric V. Snow
7.The Emergence of the New Testament Canon
8.Historical Evidence for the Bible
9.Evidence Central
10.Is the Bible Myth or History?
11.Has the Bible been lost, altered or corrupted over time?
12.How Do We Know That the Words We Have in Our Bible Are the Same Words the Authors Wrote?
13.The Encyclopaedia of New Testament Textual Criticism
14. Mark Was Probably Written around AD 50
15. A Hebrew or Greek New Testament
16. Is New Testament Reliable
17. Eyewitness To Jesus

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