Phone Numbers and E-mails of the BICOG Reps

1.(President) Peter Salemi -Ontario, Canada


 Tel: 1-905-447-4415


2. (Executive Distributor) Curt Winkle- Calhan, Colorado United States  


 Bible Study Group Every Sabbath Morning at 11:00 AM

3. (Vice President) Bill Petsinis -Markham, Ontario Canada


 Tel: 1-416-898-7407


Statement of Beliefs of the BICOG Here

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The British-Israel Church of God is a Media and Research Centre for the Church of God. Our primary goal is to preach the Gospel on Radio, TV, personal appearance campaigns, and the Internet. Any individuals or groups with the Apostolic Missionary Spirit want to support the BICOG with research abilities (collecting news stories etc...), broadcasting abilities, (ability to get radio, TV, spots or share websites) or you want to invite Peter Salemi to appear and give a sermon at your church, or nearby local  hotel, contact us at the above emails or phone numbers.

If you want to support the work with Tithe and Offering to pay for Media spots, you can do it below

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