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Dear Friends in Christ, Jesus,


 We are living in amazing times. As we inch closer to the second coming of Jesus Christ, the work of God has reached the time of expansion. Friends, the work in these times is needed now more than ever!


When we look at society around us, and the weakening moral fabric of our society, people do not realize how close the coming of Christ actually is. Our nations of Israel continue to decline, yet Christ is coming soon. Should we not prepare to be ready for Christ, or should we be unprepared like the 5 virgins in the parable our Lord gave us. The church of God should be engaged in his work of the Watchman. To warn our nations, and to prepare them to be ready for the coming of Jesus. So then we can say to Jesus, ďI have done as thou hast commanded meĒ (Ezekiel 9:11). We have a duty to God to GIVE the knowledge of Salvation to others, this is why God called you, not just to receive, but give!


 I urge all of you, the visitors on the site, and those on our e-mail list, if Godís work is important to you, and you want to see the work expand to radio, and in your area, Give to the work of God.


One of our ministers, Curt Winkle, informed me that we have 600 e-mails on our list. If all of them gave $10.00 a month, that would give us $6000 dollars a month, and we could do amazing things for God. If God has put it in your heart, and Godís work is important to you, please send your tithes by clicking the paypal icon below. It is a secure site. Or our Address at :British-Israel Church of God: 6 Hawstead Cres Brooklin, Ontario Canada L1M 2M5



God bless you all.


If you would like to contact me, my e-mail is Our web address is www.British-Israel.Ca




Email List Members


Dear members of the e-mail list for British-Israel. No longer will we be sending out e-mails to update you on what is happening with the work. The Host company that holds our site will not allow us to do so, they call it spamertising. Many host company have the same policies.

So now we have decided that if you want to be updated, we ask you to follow us on Twitter. Twitter is a social network that allows you to stay up to date on what is happening with websites or people. It free,  and its easy. Also, when you follow us, it spreads, and more and more people will join throughout the internet.

So join Twitter at sign up for free, then go to our site at and FOLLOW US! Then you can receive our updates through to your e-mail by Twitter.


Thanks, Peter Salemi




Peter Salemi, Pastor and President