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Defense of the Hebrew Calendar

Part 1: The Truth about God’s Calendar
Part 2: Should We Keep the Visible Crescents?
Part 3: The Hebrew Calendar and Its Postponements by
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God’s Festivals Lev 23

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“Preparation Day” 14th of Nisan

April 13th sunset to April 14th  sunset as shown in the gospels, to take the leaven out of the houses and the lamb to be slaughtered “between the two evenings.” 3-6 O'clock



Passover Service

April14th Lord's (Passover) supper eaten “that night.” (Ex 12:8)


Days of Unleavened Bread

April 14th sunset    April 21st sunset


Feast of First Fruits

The “first-fruits” “cut off” before sunset. The Wave sheaf offering made on April 19th after sunset The “morrow after the [weekly] sabbath” (Lev 23:11). The “weekly” as shown in the resurrection accounts of Christ.



June 7th sunset to   June 8th sunset


Feast of Trumpets

Sept 24th sunset to   Sept 25th sunset


Day of Atonement

Oct 3rd sunset to   Oct 4th sunset


Feast of Tabernacles

Oct 8th sunset to Oct 15th sunset

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Last Great Day

Oct 15th sunset to Oct 16th sunset

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